The Alarming Increase in Pedestrian Deaths in Los Angeles

Traffic deaths generally, and pedestrian deaths specifically, increased at a rapid rate in Los Angeles in 2016. This was despite the efforts by Mayor Eric Garcetti to reduce them, with his 260 people died in traffic accidents on Los Angeles streets. This represented a 43% increase over 2015. And it appears that the rising numbers […]

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Common Injuries from Rear-End Car Accidents

If you’ve ever witnessed or been involved in a vehicle accident, the chances are good it was a rear-end collision. These are some of the most common collision types and, in the best case scenario, they result in only minor damage to a vehicle. Unfortunately, many accidents don’t fall into the “best case scenario” category. […]

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Aggressive Driving: An All-Too-Common Problem

Driver’s education classes warn drivers against aggressive driving. Nonetheless, aggressive driving is commonplace on Southern California roads. According to a spokesperson for AAA of Southern California, 80% of drivers in the United States admitted that they engaged in at least one type of aggressive driving in the last year. Dangerous and aggressive driving often leads […]

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Comparative Fault in California

Picture a gray SUV traveling down Interstate 5 on a sunny afternoon in heavy traffic. The driver of the vehicle is texting a friend and doesn’t notice a traffic barrel in the middle of his lane. When he looks up, he brakes suddenly, causing the vehicle behind him – a black minivan – to crash […]

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The Most Dangerous Interstates in Southern California  

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) says that with 25 different route numbers and 2,455 miles of roadways, California is second in both routes and miles of interstate highways in the nation. While No. 2 in both routes and miles, California is No. 1 when it comes to interstate use, leading second-place Texas by almost 40% when […]

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Motorists and Back-to-School Safety

Southern California Vehicle Accident Attorney

The 2017-2018 school year is about to begin in Orange County. Classes start August 14th for schools in the Santa Ana Unified School District. Capistrano Unified begins August 22nd, and Garden Grove Unified begins August 30th. It will be a busy couple of weeks, to be sure, and not just for students and their parents. […]

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What to Expect After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is not as improbable as you might think. There were 36,664 collisions in Orange County last year. In Los Angeles County, there were four times as many. You are almost guaranteed to get into a wreck if you live in Southern California long enough. With odds like this, drivers […]

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Best Vehicles for Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions are responsible for one-quarter of passenger vehicle occupant deaths. That means more than 40 people are killed in Orange County each year in these accidents. Improvements in crash test techniques and safety standards are gradually addressing the problem. Understandably, though, many consumers are unwilling to wait for the entire auto industry to improve […]

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