California Bans All Handheld Cell Phone Use While Driving

As of January 1, 2017, it is officially a crime to hold a cell phone for any reason while driving in California.
Handheld talking or texting has long been illegal, but the prior law failed to address holding a phone for other reasons, like browsing a playlist or using a navigation app. That loophole is now closed. With the safety of so many motorists at stake, it is worth examining why the new law was necessary, how it...

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Have Smart Phones Created Stupid Drivers?

California Car Accident Attorney

A lot happened in 1994. Right here in Southern California, we witnessed O.J. Simpson’s white Bronco chase, the bankruptcy of Orange County, and a 6.7-magnitude earthquake that rocked San Fernando Valley. The impact of these and other important events that year have generally faded with time. One event, however, continues to be relevant because it marked a shift in consumer technology use that still affects our lives today. The year 1994 is when...

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Controversial Football Injury Demonstrates the Complexity of TBIs

California Personal Injury

On November 17, 2016, the Carolina Panthers took on the New Orleans Saints in a Thursday night game broadcast live to millions of football fans. With just over four minutes left to play, the Panther’s star linebacker, Luke Kuechly, went down with an injury after absorbing a hit from the Saints’ running back. The hit itself was unremarkable – the crown of the runner’s helmet impacted Kuechly’s facemask and chest area and both players fel...

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Will Self-Driving Cars Cause More Accidents?

Southern California Car Accident Attorney

Autonomous vehicles are already navigating themselves along the streets and highways of our communities. By promising to remove human error as a factor in traffic accidents, these vehicles quickly gained support from government regulators.  Meanwhile, industry leaders like Telsa, Uber, and Google continue to push the technology, and consumers appear to be on board as well. Read More

How to Combat Distracted Driving

Southern California Distracted Driving Attorney

Operating an automobile is a divided-attention activity by its very nature. Drivers must be aware of the vehicle’s speed, position on the roadway, and proximity to other vehicles. They must watch for all sorts of road hazards, while trying to navigate the mo...

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The Problem with Hands-free Devices

hands free still distracted

Are you one of those “responsible” drivers who has purchased one of the many cell phone holders that can be mounted near the steering column of your vehicle? Alternatively, does your vehicle have one of those cute display screens and a Bluetooth® application that lets you check out the best route to avoid California traffic while talking on your cellphone? “Look Mom, no hands!” Think you’re practicing safe driving habits? Think agai...

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How Drones Are Changing Accident Reconstruction – for the Better!


While it’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, “painting” that picture for a court or jury following a serious auto accident has always been difficult. In many cases, the accident investigator had to spend a significant amount of time with tape measures – later with surveying equipment and lasers, with cameras taking snapshots, and with graphic artists to make renderings of the accident scene. Even then, the two-dimension...

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