Incorporated in 1989 as Orange County’s 29th city, Laguna Niguel, named for a lagoon and a Native American village once located on Aliso Creek, has a history as rich as the farmland from which it started. Located in the San Joaquin hills, it numbers about 65,000 residents and is dominated by a system of 34 city parks and more than 80 miles of non-motorized trails.

Laguna Niguel, which enjoys the typical Southern California climate with generally mild winters and summers, was first a ranchero. After several years, though, and a series of owners and administrators, a group of investors decided to use a portion of the land to create a master-planned residential community. The first neighborhood was opened in 1962 with 565 homes.  The master-planned community has grown substantially since those days, from about 12,200 residents in 1980 to the present population. The near-completion of the initial plan has led to a slowing of population growth in the last few years.

Helping the population boom was good highway access. Residents have access to several of Southern California’s main arteries, with Interstate 5 and State Route 73, a toll road, on the northern border and the Pacific Coast Highway to the south.

As a commuter city with thousands of acres of park land, though, accidents are inevitable. In 2013, for example, there were three accidents that ended in fatalities, including two pedestrians killed in fatal accidents. Neale & Fhima deal with vehicle accidents and other personal injuries every day that are the result of someone else’s negligence. Our experienced attorneys, who boast a 99 percent success rate, help our clients get the compensation to which they are entitled when they are injured through no fault of their own. It is a pleasure for us to serve the people of Laguna Niguel, and we look forward to helping them more in the future as the original master plan comes to fruition. What helps us with our clients is our knowledge of both the laws and the people in the areas we serve. In Laguna Niguel, we’ve found the natural beauty and the parks to be an integral part of everyday life.

While more than one-third of the city is public open space as part of the community’s green plan that dates back to the 1950s, Laguna Niguel Regional Park is one of the best known, encompassing 227 acres and benefiting from its central location. The park has extensive hiking and biking trails and is centered around a 44-acre lake which is used for boating, water sports and fishing, especially trout in the summer and catfish and bass year-round. The park also offers amenities including two pedestrian bridges and an amphitheater for youth and community organization activities. The lake hosts a fireworks show each Fourth of July.

Crown Valley Park is visited by roughly 240,000 people per year. This park hosts the city’s main public sports facilities and an amphitheater, which is home to the city’s summer concert series. Of special interest is the Niguel Botanical Preserve, run by volunteers. The preserve began as a community vegetable garden in 1981and is based on horticultural education.

With its parks, natural beauty and proximity to the bigger cities of Orange County and Southern California, Laguna Niguel is a haven for the people that live there. Unfortunately, even in a haven, accidents occur, and Neale & Fhima will be there to help people get compensation for personal injuries they’ve suffered because of the negligence or misconduct of others.