Did you know that California is home to one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the entire country? Commonly known as the Lemon Law, California has made it easier for consumers to protect their rights, best interests, and household investments that are still under a manufacturer’s warranty. From vehicles to appliances, the California Lemon Law is in place to ensure that a consumer’s rights are protected when they purchase goods for personal, individual, or household use.

What Is The California Lemon Law? 

The California Lemon Law is a part of The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. It can be applied to consumer products that have been purchased for personal use. While the Lemon Law is typically associated with defective vehicles, it can be used to protect purchasers and lessees alike. In fact, California’s Lemon Law can even be applied to household appliances.

Do you have a vehicle or household appliance that has received multiple repairs to no avail? Is your vehicle or household appliance still under the manufacturer’s warranty? If you answered “yes,” then you might be able to file a claim under California’s Lemon Law. Whether it is your electric toothbrush, your dishwasher, or your car, the following list of household items and steps to take will help you to navigate the tricky legal waters of filing a lemon law claim.

  • Vehicles — The California Lemon Law can be applied to new and used vehicles that have been sold or leased within California. It also covers active military personnel who purchased their vehicle in another state before being stationed here. It is important to note that these vehicles must be sold or leased under the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty. Additionally, the California Lemon Law will apply only throughout the vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty period. A few of the popular instances where the lemon law can be applied include:
    • Cars, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks
    • The chassis cab, drivetrain, or chassis on a motor-home
    • Dealership-owned vehicles that are used for demonstrations or test drives
    • Vehicles that have been purchased or leased for business, personal, family, or household purposes.
  • New Appliances — In order to file a lemon law claim on a new appliance, you must first ensure that it has a permanently affixed serial number. Next, you will need to check the manufacturer’s warranty and instruction manual on the appliance. If you want to successfully file a lemon law claim, then it is important that you can prove you followed all stated instructions within the manual.Did you know that the California Lemon Law is designed to protect California consumers whenever they purchase appliances for their homes? That’s right, your stove, microwave, and even your refrigerator can all be protected under the state’s lemon law. In fact, most electronically operated machinery that costs over $50 will be covered under California state codes and consumer protection laws.

What Should You Do If You Think You Have A Lemon Appliance Or Vehicle?

If you think that you have a lemon, then there are a few steps that you will need to take. To start, you will need to keep detailed records of your appliance or vehicle’s issues. If the appliance does not run in accordance with the manual instructions and notations, then it will need to be repaired, refunded, or replaced. Under the California state code, manufacturers are responsible for all warranty coverage. This means that you need to interact directly with the manufacturer if you suspect that you have a lemon product.

After you have contacted the manufacturer, you will need to have your appliance repaired or replaced. You should work directly with the manufacturer during this stage to determine which course of action is the right choice. You will need to keep detailed notes about any repair work that is completed. Under California’s Lemon Law, a vehicle or appliance has to undergo a reasonable number of repairs before it is declared a lemon. If you discover that your vehicle or appliance is constantly in need of repairs for the same malfunction, then you should seek the help of a lemon law attorney.

How Can A Lemon Law Attorney Help? 

If you need help recovering the costs of a purchase, then you should contact a California Lemon Law attorney at Neale & Fhima to file a lemon law claim. Whether your washer is a lemon, your microwave refuses to work within the parameters of the manufacturer’s warranty, or your vehicle has been visiting the shop repeatedly for the same ailment, the team at Neale & Fhima is here to help. To learn more about filing a lemon law claim on your vehicle or household appliance, contact Neale & Fhima today.