How to Prove the Other Driver Is at Fault

How to Prove the Other Driver Is at Fault

You've been in a car accident in California. How do you prove it was the other driver’s fault? If he hit and injured you, it is up to you to prove the accident was his fault before you can recover any damages for your injuries. At Neale & Fhima, we are skilled and experienced in proving the fault lies with the other driver. Talk to one of our attorneys today about how we can h...

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Comparative Fault in California

Picture a gray SUV traveling down Interstate 5 on a sunny afternoon in heavy traffic. The driver of the vehicle is texting a friend and doesn’t notice a traffic barrel in the middle of his lane. When he looks up, he brakes suddenly, causing the vehicle behind him - a black minivan - to crash into the back of his vehicle. The driver of the minivan is also distracted...

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Motorists and Back-to-School Safety

Southern California Vehicle Accident Attorney

The 2017-2018 school year is about to begin in Orange County. Classes start August 14th for schools in the Santa Ana Unified School District. Capistrano Unified begins August 22nd, and Garden Grove Unified begins August 30th. It will be a busy couple of weeks, to be sure, and not just for students and their parents. Everyone who drives ...

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What to Expect After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is not as improbable as you might think. There were 36,664 collisions in Orange County last year. In Los Angeles County, there were four times as many. You are almost guaranteed to get into a wreck if you live in Southern California long enough. With odds like this, drivers should educate themselves about what to expect after an accident so they are ready to take appropriate action when the time comes. The Read More

Vehicle Accidents Caused by Faulty Parts

California Lemon Law Attorney

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Automobiles did not exist when this proverb first came into use. But now, in an age when passenger vehicles contain approximately 30,000 parts, the saying is certainly pertinent. A vehicle that functions perfectly in all other respects can be extremely dangerous if it was manufactured with even one defective part. Worse still, the vehicle’s owner may have no idea the defect exists. Most pers...

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Cell Phone Use While Driving is Endangering Today’s Youth

Start Focusing Behind the Wheel - It's Distracted Driving Awareness Month

...And Everyone Else on the Road

If you are age 18 to 34, you are probably reading this on your smartphone. Who can blame you? Web browsers on today’s phones are every bit as powerful as the ones on full-size desktop computers. Perhaps you are doing other things on your phone right now too – messaging friends or listening to music, for ...

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Will Self-Driving Cars Cause More Accidents?

Southern California Car Accident Attorney

Autonomous vehicles are already navigating themselves along the streets and highways of our communities. By promising to remove human error as a factor in traffic accidents, these vehicles quickly gained support from government regulators.  Meanwhile, industry leaders like Telsa, Uber, and Google continue to push the technology, and consumers appear to be on board as well. Read More

How to Combat Distracted Driving

Southern California Distracted Driving Attorney

Operating an automobile is a divided-attention activity by its very nature. Drivers must be aware of the vehicle’s speed, position on the roadway, and proximity to other vehicles. They must watch for all sorts of road hazards, while trying to navigate the mo...

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The Problem with Hands-free Devices

hands free still distracted

Are you one of those “responsible” drivers who has purchased one of the many cell phone holders that can be mounted near the steering column of your vehicle? Alternatively, does your vehicle have one of those cute display screens and a Bluetooth® application that lets you check out the best route to avoid California traffic while talking on your cellphone? “Look Mom, no hands!” Think you’re practicing safe driving habits? Think agai...

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