Do you have a new or leased vehicle giving you fits? Are you in and out of the repair shop in Eastvale, California? Is your original factory warranty still in effect? If you can say yes to each of these questions, you may have rights under the California Lemon Law. Under this consumer protection statute, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or a refund under certain circumstances. Well-known lemon law attorneys Neale & Fhima can help you get the lemon law compensation you deserve.

More About the California Lemon Law

Every state has a lemon law that gives consumers powerful tools to enforce the factory warranty on a new or used vehicle. If the dealership or auto manufacturer cannot fix a vehicle defect that is covered, you have several financial remedies available to you, including a refund or replacement vehicle.

But in Eastvale and the rest of California, there are some unique features to the lemon law. These differences can make a big difference in winning or losing a lemon law claim:

#1 You can make a claim on a leased vehicle.

Leasing cars is becoming more popular because the monthly payments are lower, and a new car usually has fewer repair problems. While some think the lemon law is only for purchased vehicles, this is not so: You can win a lemon law claim on a flawed, leased vehicle.

#2 Some used vehicles count.

You can win a lemon law claim only on a new car, right? Wrong! If you buy a used car and there is still some of the original factory warranty left or if the vehicle was sold with a Certified Preowned warranty, you may be able to make a lemon law claim. But if you buy the vehicle from a person and not a dealership or company that regularly sells vehicles, then you may be prevented from bringing a lemon law claim. We recommend talking to Neale & Fhima right away if this situation applies to you.

#3 Lemon law covers most vehicles.

You can file a claim for a car, truck, SUV, ATV, motorcycle, boat, jet ski or camper.

#4 Business vehicles may qualify.

The California Lemon Law is supposed to protect consumers. But if your car is used for business, you could be covered. The vehicle can be dual use, too.

#5 Statute of limitations is four years.

A new vehicle warranty is a written contract. Just as with any other breach of contract case in California, you must file the claim within four years of when the contract was broken.

How to Win a Lemon Law Case in Eastvale

There are several things to do to increase the chances of winning your case. The consumer who is armed with as much documentation and evidence as possible will usually win. Keep your service records, bills, invoices and receipts to prove how many times the car has been in the shop. Also, access your cell phone records to prove how often you have been calling the shop about your vehicle.

About Eastvale, California

Eastvale is situated in Riverside County, California, which is the Inland Empire region of the state. As of 2010, the population of Eastvale was 53,600. This was once a rural community that had ample dairy farms and other agricultural enterprises until the late 1990s.Eastvale and the surrounding area began to suburbanize as people moved in from Orange and Los Angeles counties seeking more affordable homes. Today it is a growing suburb of Southern California, and our lemon law attorneys look forward to working with you on your future lemon law claims.

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The lemon law in California is tough and protects consumers from unscrupulous auto manufacturers and dealerships. But winning one of these claims alone is a challenge. Working with an experienced lemon law attorney at Neale & Fhima will make it more likely that you will win. If one of our attorneys thinks you have a good claim, he will take the case. If you win, the auto manufacturer must pay your legal fees. Please call for a consultation today.

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