If you purchased or leased a vehicle in Riverside, CA, and are already dealing with the frustration of repeat visits to the dealership for repairs, you may be dealing with a “lemon.” At Neale & Fhima, we provide experienced legal representation for California Lemon Law claims, and we can help enforce your rights against your vehicle’s manufacturer at no financial cost to you.

Riverside, California, is the most populated city in the Inland Empire, nestled on the Santa Ana River 60 miles east of Los Angeles. This scenic city was founded in the 1870s and has served as a center of the California citrus industry ever since. One of the major influences in Riverside is the presence of the University of California-Riverside in the northeastern part of the city. Many southern Californians make the charming city of Riverside their home, and the area continues to thrive year after year.

As Southern California personal injury attorneys, the team at Neale & Fhima is proud to help Riverside residents deal with California Lemon Law claims. Below is more information about the state’s Lemon Law that will be helpful if you are facing the problem of a defective vehicle under the manufacturer’s warranty

Overview of California Lemon Law

It’s one of those things you hear about, but you never expect it to happen to you. You buy or lease a new vehicle, and from day one (or shortly thereafter) you experience consistent issues that keep landing you back at the dealership for repairs. With each unsuccessful repair attempt, your frustration grows, and it becomes ever clearer that no one really knows what is wrong.

If this sounds familiar, you may be dealing with a “lemon.” For a variety of reasons, a surprising number of new vehicles roll off the assembly line with significant defects. Some of these defects can be major safety risks, and all of them lead to major headaches for owners and drivers who were expecting a positive car experience.

Fortunately, California’s Lemon Law provides many protections to consumers in Riverside, CA; and, at Neale & Fhima, we can help you stand up for your Lemon Law rights.

The Lemon Law is known officially as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Below is more information about the law. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Neale & Fhima for a complimentary consultation.

Common Questions about California’s Lemon Law

Q: How do I know if my vehicle is a “lemon”?

The first step toward determining whether you have a lemon is to find out whether your vehicle is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. If it is, then you need to make sure that you have made a “reasonable number of attempts” to get your new vehicle repaired. Find out more in: Do You Have a Lemon?

Q: What problems are covered under the Lemon Law?

The law in California covers nonconformities. These are defined as any defect or malfunction that is covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty that impairs the use, safety or value of the vehicle. Note that service contracts are not the same as the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: How do I file a claim under California’s Lemon Law?

As a consumer or business owner, filing a Lemon Law claim is a challenge. As a result, it is best to hire an experienced attorney to file your claim on your behalf. At Neale & Fhima, we will begin your claim by sending a demand letter to your vehicle’s manufacturer. Find out more in: The Lemon Law Claims Process.

Q: How long do I have to file my California Lemon Law claim?

The statute of limitations under California’s Lemon Law is four years, but you do not want to wait nearly this long to file your claim. In fact, if you suspect that you may have purchased or leased a lemon, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Find out more in: What Makes California’s Lemon Law Unique?

Q: What remedies are available under California’s Lemon Law?

If it turns out that you have a lemon, your primary options are to have the manufacturer repurchase or replace your vehicle. However, there are other options (such as negotiating a cash settlement) as well. When you hire Neale & Fhima to pursue your claim, we will help you explore your options so that you can make informed decisions about settling or taking your case to trial. Find out more in: What to Do if You Have a Lemon.

Q: How much will it cost to hire an attorney for my California Lemon Law claim?

If your claim is successful, your vehicle’s manufacturer will be required to pay your legal fees. If for some reason we fail, we will not charge you anything for our services. As a result, it does not cost you anything out of pocket to pursue a claim under California’s Lemon Law. Find out more in our Lemon Law FAQs.

Why Choose Neale & Fhima, LLP for Your Riverside, CA, Lemon Law Claim?

You have a choice when it comes to your legal representation. So, why should you choose Neale & Fhima, LLP?

  • Experience. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience representing clients in Riverside and throughout Southern California.
  • Results. We maintain a 99 percent success rate and have a proven track record of securing favorable results for our clients.
  • Free Consultations. We are happy to discuss your situation with you before you make any decisions about whether to pursue a claim.
  • No-Fee Representation. We do not charge our clients any legal fees for pursuing claims under California’s Lemon Law.
  • Personalized Approach. At Neale & Fhima, we take a personalized approach. We will help you understand your options and pursue the results that you desire.

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