Being injured in an accident can result in serious costs and time away from work. You may also be impacted psychologically and emotionally. If someone has caused you harm somehow, our legal team is ready to help you recover the money, compensation, damages you deserve. Our skilled and experienced team of Irvine personal injury lawyers understand the law and can begin working on your case immediately. Our goal is to help you find closure and move forward with your life.

Why Trust Us with Your Irvine Personal Injury Claim?

When you contact our legal team, you will have experienced and professional attorneys who are ready to get to work to help you recover compensation. With years of experience, we have the expertise needed to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your situation. Some of the reasons you should consider hiring us for help with your personal injury claim include:

  • Our team comprises the most successful and experienced legal team in the Irvine area. We are fierce negotiators and willing to take your case to trial if needed.
  • We have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.
  • We understand all the technical issues that may arise.
  • We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to pay us anything upfront. The only time we are paid is if your case is successful.

Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Many personal injury cases are complex and challenging. This is because they may involve several parties, including defendants, insurance companies, and the legal teams for the insurance companies. If the defendant in your case is an organization or business, your challenges may seem overwhelming.

When you hire us as your Irvine personal injury lawyer, you can feel confident that we will “level the playing field” to ensure that you are treated fairly. This includes investigating all aspects of your case and gathering evidence to support your side of the situation. As your attorney, you can count on us to handle all related negotiations and work to help you secure a fair settlement. If needed, we will take your case to trial.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case is a civil claim that occurs when the victim of an accident (the plaintiff) experiences harm due to an injury or accident caused by another party’s negligent actions. Negligence is considered an essential component in any personal injury lawsuit. When one party does not uphold their duty of care in a certain situation, the insurance company for the negligent party will then pay the victim for their medical costs, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

The possible reasons that you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit in Irvine include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death claims, and more. Our team of personal injury attorneys is here to fight for you and help you secure your compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Can Handle

When you contact our legal team, you will find that we can handle several types of personal injury cases. We often help individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury because of someone else’s negligence. Some of the accident claims we can help you with are:

Many of the injuries from these accidents can result in huge medical bills for the victim and their family. If a victim is left unable to work while recovering, the lost income may harm their family’s finances. Personal injury lawsuits will help victims recover the financial losses while ensuring the at-fault parties are held responsible for their actions (or inactions).

Understanding Personal Injury Laws in Irvine, California

The personal injury laws in California are often complex. Because of this, it is important to analyze the different aspects of the law to ensure that you understand your rights if you are the victim of an accident.

Here we discuss some of the most common types of personal injury claims that we handle, along with the laws that dictate what you can recover if your lawsuit is successful. Our goal will always be to help our clients maximize the compensation they receive.

Car Accident Claims
California uses a fault-based system when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. This means that the negligent party or their insurance company is the one responsible for covering the injury and cost of damages to the other parties involved. Almost every accident in California has to be reported to the authorities, and everyone involved should stay at the scene until the police arrive.

California also has required minimum insurance requirements. These include:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $15K for each person and $30K for each accident (set as a minimum)
  • Property damage liability coverage of $5K (as a minimum).

Suppose you experience damage that exceeds the policy limits of the at-fault party’s insurance policy. In that case, you may have the right to file a lawsuit against them to recover the difference. In California, it’s required that all car accident injury claims be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

Dangerous Product Claims
If a dangerous or defective product injures you, you can hold one or more parties liable for your injuries and damages. This often includes the product manufacturer, the retailer from which you purchased the product, a third-party supplier, or someone else. Usually, products are defective because of one of three issues:

  • Misleading labeling
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Faulty designs

In California, it’s required that product liability claims be filed within two years after the injury occurred. Also, there is a three-year statute of limitations for property damage that results from a faulty product.

Wrongful Death Claims
A wrongful death claim can occur for several reasons. If someone else’s negligence – a person, business, or another entity – results in a person’s death, the deceased person’s family member has the right to file a wrongful death claim. Based on California law, those who are allowed to file this claim include:

  • Spouse or domestic partner of the deceased
  • Children of the deceased
  • Another party who is entitled to property by intestate succession.

The law also states that all wrongful death claims have to be filed within two years of the person’s death.

Are There Damage Caps for Personal Injury Claims in California?

In some states, damage caps are put on the amount of money that a personal injury victim can receive to compensate for their losses. The limitations are called “damage caps.” In California, there are no limitations on the amount of money someone can receive for the economic damages they incurred because of an injury. This includes any compensation for lost wages, out-of-pocket costs, medical bills, and any other type of compensatory damages.

Also, for most personal injury claims, there’s no limit on the amount of compensation a person can receive for their pain and suffering damages, also called non-economic damages. The only exception to this is with medical malpractice claims. In California, there’s a $250K cap on pain and suffering and other types of non-economic damages. There is no limit on the economic damages that a victim of medical malpractice can receive.

Understanding Comparative Negligence in California

The state of California uses a pure comparative negligence system. This means that an injury victim can still get compensation even if they are found to be partially at fault for the accident when they were harmed. Injury victims can also recover compensation if they are up to 99% at fault for the accident. However, the compensation received will be reduced based on how much at fault you are considered to be.

For example, if you receive $100K in a car accident settlement, but you are considered 20% responsible for the accident, you will only be awarded $80K in total damages. If you want to know more about California negligence laws, it’s a good idea to talk to an Irvine personal injury attorney.

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