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If you need help from a Fullerton Lemon Law attorney, we provide you information to guide you in understanding lemon law in our state. It stipulates that the manufacturer or dealership that sold you the vehicle must repair it if it is under the original manufacturer’s warranty. The auto dealer is required to attempt to repair it a ‘reasonable’ number of times. If they are unable to repair it, the law states it must be repurchased or replaced by the manufacturer. This law applies to all cars, SUVs, vans and trucks that are under the original factory warranty.

What is a ‘reasonable attempt’ to repair your vehicle? That is the key question. State law does not explicitly state what ‘reasonable’ means. However, the lemon law has guidelines laid out that state that you may have a valid claim, if, in the first 18,000 miles or 18 months of ownership, the following apply:

  • The vehicle had a minimum of two repair attempts for the same problem; that problem must potentially cause death or serious injury if the car is driven.
  • You have taken the vehicle to the dealer at least four times to fix the same problem.
  • Your vehicle has been at the dealer for at least one month since you bought it.

If you meet at least one of these criteria, you could be eligible for a California lemon law claim.

Making a Fullerton Lemon Law Claim

Is the original warranty still in effect? If so, you could have a claim. Next, you should consult your paperwork to determine whether you have made enough attempts to fix it. You should have a file of all the paperwork for your vehicle repair attempts.

Next, the Fullerton lemon law attorneys of Neale & Fhima can assist you in filing the claim. This process is complex, and a lemon law attorney can help you get it done more effectively. This process is initiated with your lawyer sending a demand letter to the vehicle manufacturer.

If the car is deemed a lemon as defined by the California Lemon Law, it could be repurchased or replaced. Your attorney may help you to get more, as in a cash settlement that takes into account the amount of hassle you have experienced. After you try to have the vehicle repaired three or four times, you may want to talk to a lemon law attorney in Fullerton. The attorney will review the case carefully and determine whether you have a strong chance of winning. If you do win, the auto manufacturer must pay your legal fees.

Neale & Fhima: Lemon Law Attorneys in Fullerton

If you have a vehicle under warranty with major repair problems in Fullerton, you could have a lemon law claim against the vehicle manufacturer. Neale & Fhima is a successful lemon law firm that has served southern California customers for many years. If you need legal advice about a possible lemon vehicle, please call (888)407-2955 for an initial consultation.

What to Know about Fullerton

Fullerton, California, is a bustling city of 135,000 situated in northern Orange County. It was founded in 1887 and historically was a major agricultural center; it is especially well known for its vast groves of Valencia oranges and other citrus crops that thrive in its warm, sunny climate.

Fullerton is the home of California State University-Fullerton and Fullerton College. Some of the major attractions of family-friendly Fullerton include:

  • Adventure City Amusement Park
  • Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park, with ample hiking and tennis
  • Santa Ana River Trail, with mountain biking, hiking, and cycling
  • Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple.

Our attorneys at Neale & Fhima are pleased to work with Fullerton citizens on potential lemon law claims.

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