Menifee, California, is a city of 77,000 people in Riverside County and is considered part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Today the major economic activities of Menifee and surrounding areas include light manufacturing, light trade and the home offices of several international companies.

Although the cost of living in Menifee is higher than in much of the country, it is still relatively affordable when compared to Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California.

The Southern California law firm Neale & Fhima is pleased to represent the citizens of Menifee in their lemon law claims.

What A Lemon Law Attorney Can Do For You

While most new cars are reliable and relatively free of problems, this is not always true. Some car owners in Menifee are plagued with constant repair problems with their new vehicle. If the factory warranty is still in effect, you may be able to file a lemon law claim in California with the help of Neale & Fhima.

The lemon law in this state notes that all auto dealers and manufacturers must repair vehicles as long as the factory warranty is still in place. The law requires the manufacturer or car dealership to make several attempts to fix a serious flaw in a vehicle. If it cannot be repaired, you may be entitled under the law to a new car or the repurchase of your lemon vehicle by the manufacturer.

While the law is in place to protect consumers, the manufacturer may fight a lemon law claim. One of the common things the car company may say is that they did not have enough opportunity to repair the car. The lemon law states that the car can be repurchased or replaced within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles if:

  • Your vehicle had a minimum of two repair attempts to fix the same serious problem that affects the value or safety of the car. If, for example, the anti-lock brakes do not work, this is a serious safety problem that could result in a lemon law claim. But a broken cup holder obviously would not qualify for a lemon law claim.
  • You brought the vehicle in for repairs at least four times to fix the same repair problem in Menifee.
  • The car was on the dealership lot for repairs for at least 30 days since you bought it.

How to Do a Lemon Law Claim in California

Do you believe your vehicle is a lemon under the law? The first thing to do is to confirm that the car is still covered by the original factory warranty; the extended warranty, if you have it, is totally different and does not count. Second, did you try to have the car repaired enough times to repair the problem? The Menifee dealership will surely argue that they did not have enough opportunity to fix the car if you only brought the car in one time.

If the car is under warranty and you did bring it in several times for repair and it is not fixed, you might have a lemon law claim. But it is very important when you make the claim that you have plenty of documentation of the repair attempts made. It is critical to have good records of every repair attempt that was made. Keep all your service orders, receipts and invoices, as well as the name of every dealership employee who worked on the car.

If you have all of this documentation, you then need to inform the vehicle manufacturer in writing that you plan to file a lemon law claim. It is recommended that you retain an experienced lemon law attorney to handle the case for you. Attorneys are experienced in winning these cases and can often get you better compensation than what you can get on your own.

Further, the law in California states that the vehicle manufacturer must pay for your legal expenses if you win the case. So, most people who file a lemon law claim with the help of an attorney pay no out of pocket costs.

Lemon Law Attorneys for Menifee, California

Are you driving a vehicle in Menifee under the original factory warranty which has had constant repairs for a serious issue that affects safety and drivability? You might have a lemon vehicle and the right to be compensated under California law. Neale & Fhima can help you to settle your lemon law claim for as much compensation as possible. Please contact our legal offices today for a consultation at no cost to you.

A Lemon Law Review from Our Client

“Don’t hesitate to contact Neale & Fhima if you think you have a Lemon! Aaron Fhima helped me through my Lemon Law case, and made everything super easy to understand and answered all my questions. The professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and consideration that Aaron expressed definitely made this whole upsetting process bearable. I hopefully won’t have to go through another Lemon Law claim again, but if I do I know who I will turn too! 10/10 ” – John Martin, 5 / 5 ★★★★★

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