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Quick Facts about Norco

  • Norco is a town of 27,000 located in Riverside County, California.
  • The full name of this community is North Corona.
  • It was originally named after the North Corona Land Company.
  • As one of the top horse communities in the country, Norco actually began to promote itself as ‘Horsetown USA’ in 2006 and has a federal trademark.
  • The largest employer in Norco is the Corona-Norco Unified School District.

Have a Lemon? A Norco Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

When you buy a new car or truck in Norco, it is natural to expect it to be reliable. If the car has almost no miles on it, there is every reason to believe that it should be in perfect condition. However, there are times when this is not true. Sometimes vehicle owners find that even a new car, truck or SUV can have major problems that affect value or safety, or both. If you have to take the car for service regularly for a serious problem, you may be able to be compensated under the state lemon law.

California’s lemon law states that the car dealership or manufacturer is required to fix the vehicle as long as you have the factory warranty. Most factory warranties are good for three years or 36,000 miles, but this can vary by make and model. The law states that the dealership and manufacturer have a certain number of tries to remedy the situation. If they cannot do so, you may have the right to have the car repurchased. Or, you could be entitled to a new car.

A lemon law claim is not always easy. You can expect the dealership and car manufacturer to be unwilling to take back a car with serious problems. This represents a financial loss to them, and they will have difficulty reselling it for profit. Still, the California lemon law states that the car may be called a lemon in these cases:

  • The dealership has had at least two chances to repair a serious issue that affects the safety or value of the car. For instance, if the brakes do not work properly, this is clearly a safety problem. Problems such as the door not securing are safety issues too. On the other hand, if the cup holder is broken and cannot be fixed, this is not a problem that affects safety. An example of a problem that affects value is a poor paint job.
  • The car has been brought to the dealership at least four times for repair to the same problem.
  • The vehicle has been parked on the lot for at least 30 days since you acquired it.

Filing a Lemon Law Claim in Norco

If you think you have a lemon vehicle, you should speak to a lemon law attorney in your area. Before you call the attorney, first verify that the factory warranty is still good on your car or truck. Second, have you taken the car in enough times to give the dealership sufficient opportunity to fix it? The Norco dealership may argue that you did not give them enough chances to remedy the situation.

If you still have a valid warranty and you have tried to have it repaired, the car could qualify as a lemon. To file a claim, you have to inform the auto manufacturer in writing.

It is important to have as much documentation as possible of all the times you took the car in to the dealership. Keep every receipt, invoice and other documents that show the effort you made to repair the vehicle.

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If you own or lease a new car in Norco, California, and have had regular repair problems with the same issue while the vehicle was under factory warranty, you may have a lemon vehicle. The experienced Norco lemon law lawyers at Neale & Fhima can help you obtain financial compensation. You could be entitled to a new vehicle or the buy back of your current lemon. For more information, please contact Neale & Fhima today for a free case review.

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