Pedestrian Deaths Spiked in 2016, Distraction Cited as a Cause

Southern California is infamous for traffic jams and congested roadways. Apparently, there is a perception that those of us who live here choose to spend most of our time behind the wheel of a car. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Look around the streets of any Orange County community and you are sure to see people jogging, walking their dogs, or just taking a stroll. Pedestrian travel is extremely popular here. With plenty of ...

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Understanding Handrail and Guardrail Accidents

Landowners in California must take reasonable steps to address conditions on their property that pose a danger to the public. What is considered “reasonable” will depend on the circumstances. Sometimes the danger must be removed altogether, such as cleaning up spilled liquid on a grocery store floor. Other times it will suffice to post a warning sign, like the ones we see near construction areas. When it comes to stairs and ledges, landowners...

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Amusement Park Injuries are Not So Amusing

Part of the fun of an amusement park is knowing a ride will be scary, but ultimately the rider will be safe. The exhilaration and the fear of the ride itself often override the rational part of people when the ride is in motion, but without a basic assurance of safety, no person would ride a roller coaster. The statistics would seem to bear that out. According to a 2016 report by CNN, a person is 20 times more likely to be hit by lightning than i...

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Privacy, Personal Injury, and Social Media

California Personal Injury

People who say personal injury damage awards are too large have no idea what victims endure. Following an accident, a year or more can go by before a victim receives a cent from a defendant who is clearly at fault. The victim suffers physically, emotionally, and financially during this time. Some go completely broke due to medical expenses. They must also sacrifice their privacy in ways the re...

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Preserve Evidence to Protect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Southern CA Personal Injury Attorney

Our legal system is not designed to automatically compensate accident victims. As unfair as it may seem, the law puts the burden on victims to prove a personal injury case. Victims must have evidence to show they were injured in the accident and that the other party was at fault. Those who cannot produce this evidence will lose their case and receive no compensation from the other party. Furthermore, producing just enough evid...

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