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Dodge is known for its muscle cars, minivans, and trucks, and they can be some of America’s more affordable vehicles. That’s why it’s such a disappointment when what you thought would be a reliable new vehicle is a lemon. If issues with a faulty truck lead to an accident, consulting a truck accident attorney might be necessary. After countless trips to the repair shop, a lemon is still defective and not running properly.

If this describes your situation, then you may have a legal remedy. California’s lemon law is very consumer-friendly. And with the right warranty and receipts showing that you’ve attempted to repair the vehicle, you may be in luck. If you’ve also encountered vehicle accidents due to such defects, consulting a vehicle accident lawyer could further strengthen your case.

The lemon law attorneys at Neale & Fhima have represented hundreds of clients just like you, and we have a winning track record. We have achieved a 99% success rate with California’s lemon law cases.

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Can Dodge Lemon Law Help Me?

The simple answer is, perhaps. Whether or not your Dodge qualifies under California lemon law depends on several factors. First, if you purchased the new car, then the repair attempts must have occurred during the manufacturer’s new car warranty to qualify.Next, you must have made a “reasonable number of attempts” to have the vehicle repaired. The law does not define exactly what a reasonable number of attempts might be, but it certainly needs to be more than one.

California lemon law also covers used Dodge vehicles as long as an owner has one of three specific warranties, which are discussed in a separate section below. So, if you’re asking yourself, “Can Dodge lemon law help me?” the best way to find out is to contact our Dodge lemon law attorney and ask for details.

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Dodge Charger and Durango Lemon Law

The Dodge Charger and Durangocan be reliable but can also be notorious lemon vehicles. At Neale & Fhima, we have successfully handled  lemon claims against Dodge and just about every other auto manufacturer that sells cars in Califonria.

If you’ve purchased a Charger or Durango only to discover that it’s a lemon, a Dodge Dodge  lemon law attorney may be able to help. The skilled lemon law attorneys at Neale & Fhima have decades of experience, and we are aggressive when fighting for our client’s rights. We are not afraid to go up against big automakers. If you’d like to learn more about Dodge Charger and Durango lemon law, call us at 888-407-2955.

Dodge Lemon Law Buyback

To get the manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler, to buy back your Dodge, certain steps must be taken first. Before you can file a claim, you must make a reasonable number of attempts to have the vehicle repaired at the dealership or a garage. If the problem cannot be remedied within reasonable attempts, state law mandates that the Dodge shall be repurchased or replaced by Fiat Chrysler. The California lemon law applies to all types of motor vehicles still under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

To be successful in a Dodge lemon law buyback claim, you will have to be able to document that you attempted repeated repairs. That’s why you should keep all receipts, used parts, and work orders for each one of your repair appointments. Dodge lemon law buyback requires the following:

  • The Dodge had a minimum of two repairs attempted for a defect that could lead to a driver’s or passenger’s death or serious injury when driven. If such defects result in tragic consequences, consulting a wrongful death lawyer can be crucial. These defects also must impair your Dodge’s use, value, or safety.
  • You brought the Dodge to the dealership at least three to four times, over and over, to remedy the same defect.
  • The Dodge has been at a California dealership for repairs of the identical defect for at least 30 days from the date you acquired it.

If your Dodge meets any of these criteria, you may qualify for a Dodge lemon law buyback or vehicle replacement. The statute of limitation for Dodge lemon law buyback is four years.

What to Do if Your Dodge Is a Lemon

If you suspect your Dodge might be a lemon, consider taking these steps:

  • Contact Neale & Fhima promptly for a FREE consultation.
  • Gather all repair orders (request them from a certified dealership if necessary).
  • Compile your warranty, purchase agreement, lease agreement, and registration.
  • Retain all correspondence with the dealership and/or manufacturer.
  • Thoroughly document all issues with your vehicle.
  • Maintain a record of any additional expenses associated with your vehicle. For instance, if you need to tow your vehicle due to its defects, keep receipts for those costs.

California’s Lemon Law

Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, you are legally entitled to a refund if you purchase a defective Dodge, or the vehicle can be replaced at the manufacturer’s cost. At Neale & Fhima, we have a 99 percent track record of success in fighting the big vehicle manufacturers to enforce the lemon law rights of California residents.

Some used Dodge vehicles are also covered by California’s lemon law, but only if they have one of three very specific warranties. If you bought your Dodge car or truck “as is,” then you’re out of luck because lemon law protections do not apply. For your used car to qualify, you must have one of the following:

  • Transferred new car manufacturer’s warranty
  • Certified pre-owned Dodge warranty
  • Lemon law buyback warranty.

Does My Dodge Qualify as a Lemon?

Determining whether a vehicle qualifies under the lemon law isn’t straightforward. It hinges on the presence of a significant defect and either the failure to rectify it after multiple attempts or prolonged stays at the dealership. These substantial defects compromise the vehicle’s “use, value, and/or safety.”

A defect affecting a vehicle’s use means it prevents you from using it as originally intended. The value of a vehicle reduces when a defect means it won’t fetch its normal or fair market  with the defect. Safety defects pose risks to the driver, passengers, and others on the road. It’s worth noting that a problem doesn’t necessarily have to be safety-related to meet the criteria. For instance, if your Dodge has undergone repeated repairs for the same issue without resolution, it might qualify as a lemon. Only two repair attempts may be necessary in cases involving safety concerns, like faulty airbags. Additionally, if your Dodge has spent over thirty cumulative days in the shop, regardless of the specific defect(s), it could also be considered a lemon.

Examples of substantial problems include:

  • Air conditioning/heating systems
  • Engines
  • Electrical systems
  • Navigation
  • Water leaks
  • Suspension
  • Windows
  • Steering
  • Transmissions
  • Doors
  • Brakes
  • Back-up cameras.

It’s crucial to remember that your Dodge doesn’t need to be brand new or have exceptionally low mileage to be covered. Even if it has over 50,000 miles, if you sought repairs while it was still under warranty, it may still potentially qualify as a lemon.

Dodge Lemon Law FAQs

What happens if I bought my Dodge vehicle “as is”?

Opting for a vehicle “as is” implies that no warranty exists, and you assume full responsibility for its condition. Such arrangements are common in private car transactions. Dealerships must inform buyers through the buyer’s guide if a vehicle is being sold “as is.” When you acquire a vehicle under this condition, you have no recourse under the Dodge lemon law in California.

What happens if there is no indication of a dealer warranty or “as is” agreement?

In certain instances, there might not be a clear indication of a warranty or an “as is” agreement for a new vehicle. In such cases, the vehicle carries an implied warranty of merchantability. This is an implicit assurance that the vehicle is suitable for its intended use, usually including the vital components. In California, implied warranties are valid for a period ranging from 60 days to one year.

What is the time frame for pursuing a Dodge lemon law buyback?

California has a four-year statute of limitations for seeking Dodge lemon law benefits.

We advise initiating the lemon law process when your situation meets the state’s criteria. The longer you delay in filing a claim, the weaker your case may become. For example, waiting a year after confirming that your vehicle meets the Dodge lemon law qualifications may suggest that the defect is not substantial enough to warrant a claim.

Furthermore, driving a defective vehicle poses risks to both you and other road users. Hence, commencing the Dodge lemon law process without delay is advisable.

Can I pursue a Dodge lemon law buyback with a used vehicle? 

Fortunately, yes. California is one of the few states that extends lemon law protections to used vehicles. Dealerships often sell used vehicles with dealer warranties, which are typically shorter than manufacturer warranties, lasting around 30 days or until the odometer reaches 1,000 miles. If your vehicle meets the Dodge lemon law qualifications within these terms, or if it was sold with a Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, it can be processed similarly to a new vehicle.

Can I manage my Dodge lemon law case without an attorney?

Though it is possible to handle your Dodge lemon law case without legal representation, you are strongly advised to seek the counsel of an experienced lemon law attorney. We possess the expertise and familiarity with the legal proceedings necessary to guide your case, negotiate with the manufacturer, and enhance your likelihood of a positive resolution.

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