Will Self-Driving, Autonomous Cars Mean More Lemons?

How the Uber Pedestrian Fatality Highlights Flaws in Self-Driving Cars

Steering wheels may soon go the way of carburetors and four-wheel disk brakes. There is no mistaking the fact that the driverless car evolution is upon us. Companies like Tesla, Uber, and Google are leading the way; and from their recent success, it appears the public is eager for the transition.

Driverless Vehicles Create Benefits and Risks for the Consumer

There will be obvious benefits to this next generation of automobiles. Self-driv...

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How to Properly Document Your Lemon

lemon law

Our nation’s Declaration of Independence reminds us that all persons are created equal. Too bad that doesn’t always work for cars and other vehicles. In California and elsewhere, far too many should be painted bright yellow because they’re lemons. In many instances, however, the owner or lessee of a vehicle has some measure of protection under California’s Lemon Law.
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The Problem with Hands-free Devices

hands free still distracted

Are you one of those “responsible” drivers who has purchased one of the many cell phone holders that can be mounted near the steering column of your vehicle? Alternatively, does your vehicle have one of those cute display screens and a Bluetooth® application that lets you check out the best route to avoid California traffic while talking on your cellphone? “Look Mom, no hands!” Think you’re practicing safe driving habits? Think agai...

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How Drones Are Changing Accident Reconstruction – for the Better!


While it’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, “painting” that picture for a court or jury following a serious auto accident has always been difficult. In many cases, the accident investigator had to spend a significant amount of time with tape measures – later with surveying equipment and lasers, with cameras taking snapshots, and with graphic artists to make renderings of the accident scene. Even then, the two-dimension...

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Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Vehicles?

Man with a broken car

There’s almost nothing as frustrating as coming to the realization that, instead of recently purchasing or leasing a nice vehicle, you’ve got a lemon. You joke to a neighbor that the vehicle has spent more time in the dealer’s service bay than it has on your driveway. You try to laugh it off, but inside you’re really angry. You didn’t expect perfection, but you did expect the vehicle to operate without too much difficulty. There’s a s...

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