Where Do Broadside Collisions Most Commonly Occur?

Side Impact

Where do broadside collisions most commonly occur? They can happen in many different settings, for many different reasons, but these types of collisions are very common at intersections.

Broadside collisions are also referred to as side-impact collisions or T-bone collisions. One of the most common characteristics of broadside collisions is the angle at which one vehicle collides with the other. Typically, the two vehicles form a 90-degree angle.

What is it about intersections that make these crashes more likely to happen there and, more importantly, what errors are drivers making that cause broadside collisions? Let’s take a look at some of the explanations.

Why Broadside Collisions Happen at Intersections

Broadside collisions are common at intersections where two vehicles are traveling in different directions. Typically, one driver fails to come to a complete stop, as is the case at four-way stops. A driver might blow through a red light or attempt to rush a left turn while attempting to beat oncoming traffic. In such situations, it’s important to consult a vehicle accident lawyer to understand your legal rights and options.

These crashes are typically due to some form of human error. A driver might not be paying attention or may simply be driving recklessly. Side-impact collisions, often requiring the expertise of a skilled side impact accident lawyer, are also common in parking lots for the same reasons they occur at intersections.

Driver Error and Broadside Collisions

In broadside collisions, one driver usually bears more responsibility for the crash than the other driver. Whether the driver failed to notice a stop sign or attempted to beat a red light, their actions could result in a very serious crash. Because the impact occurs on one side of a vehicle, the occupant of that side is more likely to be seriously injured. The at-fault driver bears responsibility for the costs of the injuries caused in the crash.

The at-fault driver’s car insurance will likely cover many of the costs that others are facing, but accident and injury claims aren’t always resolved easily. It’s often the case that an at-fault driver’s insurance company will attempt to shift some of the liability away from their policyholder to lessen the amount of money they pay. In such situations, seeking assistance from an experienced accident claim lawyer can be crucial to navigate the complexities of the legal process and protect your rights.

If you’ve been injured in a broadside collision, it’s essential to consult with an experienced car crash lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. You deserve payment for the medical bills, car repair bills and lost income you have incurred because of your crash.

At Neale & Fhima, we hold negligent drivers accountable for the damages our clients have suffered. We will determine how your crash happened, and we will demand payment from the insurance company and at-fault driver. It’s important to have an experienced distracted driving accident lawyer to handle your claim, so you can be sure you are getting maximum compensation for your injuries.

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