Is Your Leased Car a Lemon?

California Lemon Law Attorney

Leasing a vehicle can be a good move for cash-strapped consumers. Basically, the car buyer is simply paying for the value of the vehicle they use and not the entire worth of it. Monthly payments for leases are usually lower, too. But what if you end up with a leased car that is a lemon? Are you protected by the California lemon law? If you find yourself in such a situation, consulting a trusted lemon law lawyer might be your best course of action

Leased lemons in California

You have no reason to worry about being protected by the California lemon law. As a rule, the California lemon law also protects leased car owners. The key issue is whether your leased car has the manufacturer’s express written warranty in effect. If the warranty has expired, the lemon law will not work for you.

If your leased vehicle has the original manufacturer’s warranty, though, you are good to go. You can file a claim. It means that you have the right to expect financial compensation or replacement of the car if you win the claim. The California Lemon Law protects people who leased or bought a car under warranty with certain material defects. Material defects include those that affect the use, value and safety of your leased vehicle. As the owner of a leased vehicle, you need to give the manufacturer enough opportunities to fix the car.

Keep records

The key to winning a lemon law case with a leased car is to prove that it is defective. If you believe your vehicle qualifies, consulting a car defect lawyer can be instrumental. Defective car owners need to document all of the service their car has had at the authorized dealership. Keep all receipts and service records regarding repairs to your leased vehicle. These documents are evidence that show the number of repair attempts that were made. They also will show how many days your vehicle was in the shop.

Follow stated procedures

It also is important to give the dealership enough time to fix the car. If the manufacturer has made two to four attempts to fix a problem and it is still there, you may want to file a letter with the leasing company telling them that the vehicle defect is still there. At that point, the leasing company may accept the claim and refund your money or replace the car. But if you’ve been in an accident due to these defects, you might also consider consulting with a vehicle accident lawyer. Meanwhile, if the leasing company decides to fight the claim, don’t worry. You can hire Neale & Fhima to represent you in your lemon law claim. If we win, the manufacturer has to pay our fees.

Is Your New Leased Car a Constant Repair Menace? Talk to A Lemon Law Attorney Now.

When you lease a new or used car that is under factory warranty, you expect it to run perfectly, but this is not always the case. Some new and used vehicles are sold with major problems. Some of these vehicles can have such serious problems that a severe injury occurs. If you find yourself in such a situation, consulting a personal injury lawyer can be beneficial.. If you have such a vehicle with the original manufacturer’s warranty in effect, talk to a lemon law attorney at Neale & Fhima today.


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