New Road Rules in California

New Road Rules in California

If you drive in California, the DMV wants you to be aware of >three new laws that took effect on July 1, 2018.

The first law is a regulatory change for private passenger carriers that are not for hire. An example is a church bus or employee shuttle. The new law, SB 19, transfers the regulatory authority from the California Public Utilities Commission to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Next, all buses must be equipped with seatbelts. Children who are between eight and 15 years old are required to wear seatbelts or be in a restraint that meets all safety standards of the federal government, a measure which aims to reduce the instances where a bus accident lawyer might be needed due to injuries.

The last new law changes the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for drivers for hire. The limit for most drivers is still .08%, but drivers who are transporting people for payment have a new, lower limit of .04%. If you violate this law, the DMV may suspend your driver’s license upon conviction.

Stricter Laws Mean Better Public Safety

The personal injury attorney at Neale & Fhima are especially pleased that the legal limit for drivers for hire has been lowered to .04% BAC. Most people believe that only drivers who have a BAC of .08% or higher are likely to be drunk enough to cause an accident. But this is not the case. Any amount of alcohol in your system can damage your ability to drive. This can easily lead to an accident that can injure or kill the driver or passengers.

Our bodies absorb alcohol into the blood quickly, but the alcohol stays in our system for much longer than we realize. Regardless of how much alcohol we drink, it affects our vision, coordination, concentration, comprehension, reaction time, and our ability to track other cars and read road signs. If you’ve been impacted by a driver under the influence, consulting with a drunk driving accident lawyer can help navigate the legal avenues available to you.

Many people who drive with any amount of alcohol in their system are dismissive of how it affects them. They might think they can drive with a buzz after they have a cold shower or a cup of strong coffee. But alcohol does not work like that. It takes time for the substance to leave the body. If you insist upon driving after you drink, it is more likely that you will get pulled over for DUI or get in a serious accident.

Because drivers for hire have passengers in their care, it is good that the BAC in this case has been lowered. But no drivers for hire in California should drink at all before transporting passengers, as the risk for an accident is higher.

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