How to Talk Like a California Lemon Law Attorney

How to talk like a lemon law attorney

When you buy a new or used vehicle under the original factory warranty in California, you generally do not need to worry about reliability problems. The California Lemon Law provides you with protection from serious defects that the dealer or manufacturer cannot repair. If you face such issues, it’s advisable to consult with a trusted lemon law lawyer to know your rights.

If you think that you might have a lemon vehicle, it could be useful to learn some terms about the lemon law; that way you can actually talk like a California lemon law attorney and be more knowledgeable if you decide to reach out to a Riverside lemon law attorney about your case.

Here are some California lemon law terms to know to up your knowledge level:

  • California Lemon Law: The laws of California mandate that the auto manufacturer that cannot fix a vehicle after a certain number of attempts, or within a period of time, must rebuy or replace the vehicle. The law does not specify the number of attempts allowed; but, generally, two to four attempts, depending upon the severity of the problem, would be seen by many juries to be ‘reasonable.’
  • Lemon law presumption: The state lemon law has a presumption that says your vehicle is a lemon if the following criteria are met within 18 months of the car’s delivery or 18,000 miles being driven:
    • The dealer or manufacturer made at least two tries to fix a problem that is likely to cause serious injury or death. If you’ve been affected by such negligence, consulting with a wrongful death lawyer can provide guidance on your rights.
    • The dealer or manufacturer made at least four tries to repair the same problem.
    • The car could not be driven for more than 30 days while being repaired.
    • Any repair problems are covered by warranty, they lessen the use and value of the car, and you did not cause them by vehicle abuse. If you’re facing such issues, consulting with a used car lemon law lawyer can be beneficial.
  • New vehicle: The law applies to new trucks, cars and SUVs. This includes any new vehicle that is used for family or personal purposes and any new vehicle with a weight under 10,000 pounds. If you’ve been involved in a collision, a truck accident lawyer can help you understand your rights.
  • Nonconformities: The Lemon Law covers nonconformities, which are malfunctions or defects covered by the new vehicle written warranty that have a negative impact on the safety, value or use of the vehicle.
  • Reasonable number of repair attempts: The dealer or manufacturer must make a ‘reasonable’ number of attempts to fix your problems under warranty. No specific number is stated in the Lemon Law, but the Lemon Law Presumption discussed above provides some guidelines.

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If you bought a car, truck or SUV new or used under the original factory warranty and have serious warranty issues, a Riverside lemon law attorney such as those of the Neale & Fhima law firm can help you get the compensation that you deserve for your trouble. It is usually worth working with an attorney on a California Lemon Law claim so you can get as much compensation under the law as possible.

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