What Is a Reconstructed Title?


If you are buying a used car, experts advise you run to a history of the vehicle’s VIN before you complete the purchase. Taking the time to do this will provide some insights about the vehicle and its title, such as whether the title has been reconstructed. What does a reconstructed title mean?

Salvaged and Reconstructed Title Defined

When a car is in an accident, severely damaged, and the cost of the repairs will exceed the value of the vehicle, At this point, many individuals consult with an experienced car accident attorney to understand their rights and options. If the auto insurance company declares the car a total loss, it is then given a salvage title, meaning the vehicle cannot be made fit for the road and will not be able to be registered in most states.

However, there are some cases where a vehicle with a salvaged title can be made fit for the road again. If the vehicle is able to be sufficiently repaired and can pass state inspections for safety, it may be issued what is called a reconstructed title. A reconstructed title may also be referred to as a rebuilt title. If you purchase a used vehicle with a reconstructed title, you should be able to get it registered in California or in any state. That said, if any complications arise from such titles, consulting with accident claim lawyers might be a good idea. Nonetheless, you may have challenges locating an auto insurance company that will insure a vehicle with a reconstructed title.

Why Buy a Car With a Reconstructed Title?

Purchasing one of these vehicles can be a good option if you have a limited budget.

But note that there are some considerations before you pull the trigger on the purchase. First, the reconstructed vehicle has to pass a state safety inspection so that it is deemed fit for the road, but these safety inspections are fairly basic and only check so many things. Inspectors have a checklist of items they are required to review. They can check only for the safety of things that are easy to see in a brief inspection. There may be serious, underlying issues that could come back to bite you later. You would be responsible for making those repairs.

If you are considering buying a car with a rebuilt title, it is recommended that you make the purchase from a dealership with a good reputation and that you trust. Also, a vehicle with a reconstructed title will have a lower resale value. Keep this in mind if you plan on selling the vehicle later.

Buying a vehicle with a reconstructed title can be a good way to save a few dollars. But it is important to be sure that your vehicle has been repaired properly. If all the repairs have not been completed, you could have a vehicle that cannot be registered to drive in California. In cases where the purchaser of a vehicle with a reconstructed title has been misled about the vehicle’s history and repairs, you may want to talk to a lemon law attorney.

Talk to a California Lemon Law Attorney Today

The California Lemon Law is generally intended for new vehicles with serious repair issues, but sometimes the law applies to used vehicles as well. If you are having trouble with a vehicle with a reconstructed title, call experienced used car lemon law attorneys at Neale & Fhima today. The consultation is free.

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