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Fresno is a rapidly growing city 200 miles north of Los Angeles, California. Its name comes from the Spanish word for “ash tree,” many of which line the nearby San Joaquin River. The city of Fresno was established in 1872 as a railway station for the Central Pacific Railroad. Today, Fresno is the fifth-largest city in the state and the largest city in the Central Valley.

For people who love to explore the great outdoors, Fresno is a great place to call home. It is just 60 miles away from Yosemite National Park, 60 miles from King Canyon National Park, and 75 miles from Sequoia National Park.

Neale & Fhima is pleased to represent the citizens of Fresno in their lemon law claims.

Lemon Law Attorneys Helping Fresno Residents

The lemon law in California is officially known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. It requires all auto manufacturers and dealers to repair your automobile if the original factory warranty is still in effect. The lemon law requires the manufacturer or dealership to make several attempts to repair the car. If the problem cannot be fixed after several attempts, state law requires the dealer to buy back or replace the vehicle.

But not every lemon law claim ends happily. The manufacturer and dealer can rebut the claim. A common sticking point is proving that enough reasonable attempts have been made to fix the car. While there is no precise definition under state law, there are guidelines noted in the law. The law states that you may be eligible for replacement or repurchase within the first 18,000 miles or 18 months of ownership if the following statements are true:

  • The car has had a minimum of two repair efforts made for the same safety-related problem that could lead to serious injury or death if the vehicle is driven.
  • The vehicle has been taken for repair to the dealership at least four times to fix the same problem.
  • Your vehicle has sat on the Fresno car dealership lot for a minimum of 30 days since you acquired it.

If any of the above are true, you may have a valid lemon law claim.

Making Your Lemon Law Claim

The first question to ask yourself is whether the original factory warranty is still in effect on the vehicle. Next, refer to the paperwork you have collected from the repair facility to determine whether enough repair attempts have been made. It is important to keep excellent records of all repair attempts and appointments at the dealership. Have every work order and receipt in a folder. Have the names of every service writer who worked on your case.

Next, you will need to inform the manufacturer, in writing, of your intention to file a lemon law claim. You can do this on your own, or your attorney can write a demand letter on your behalf.

If you prevail in the case, the car will be either repurchased or replaced. You can file your lemon law claim yourself, but you have a higher chance of winning the claim if you have an experienced lemon law attorney assisting you. The auto manufacturer is required to cover your attorney fees if you win the case. Also, if your case is futile, it is very unlikely that any good lemon law attorney would take the case. So, there is little to lose by retaining a lemon law attorney to represent you.

Neale & Fhima Lemon Law Attorneys Serving Fresno, California

If you have a vehicle under warranty with repair problems in Fresno, you could have a lemon law claim against the car manufacturer and dealership. Neale & Fhima is an experienced southern California lemon law firm that has years of experience serving the residents Fresno. If you require advice about a potential lemon auto, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

A Lemon Law Review from Our Client

“Aaron was very helpful and compassionate in taking the time to explain everything to me simply and thoroughly. He always kept me updated on the case and got it cleared up quickly. made the whole experience a positive one and was able to get the car bought back as a lemon. ” – Kristine McInnis, 5 / 5 ★★★★★

Attorney Aaron Fhima

Aaron Fhima, California attorneyAaron Fhima is a trial attorney who has secured numerous settlements and verdicts against large corporations and some of the largest auto manufacturers in the world. Representing consumers and injury victims throughout the state of California, Aaron’s practice areas include personal injury, and lemon law litigation. Aaron has a long record of success taking on large defense firms; and he doesn’t hesitate to take cases to trial when necessary to enforce his clients’ rights. [ Attorney Bio ]


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