If you are attacked by a dog, it can cause serious and painful injuries that require ongoing and expensive medical care. These injuries may also leave you permanently disfigured or scarred. In some situations, you may also experience psychological trauma and a lifetime fear of dogs.

When you hire our Irvine, CA, dog bite lawyer, you can feel confident you have a team of experienced attorneys on your side, ready to help you seek justice and financial compensation from the responsible party. Our goal is to help you get your life on track after being attacked by a dog in Irvine.

Why Hire Our Attorneys for Help with Your Dog Attack Claim?

While you have several options when it comes time to hire an Irvine dog bite attorney, there are a few reasons we believe you should choose us:

  • We have years of experience representing clients just like you.
  • Our legal team has helped accident victims recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts
  • We will work hard to help you achieve the results desired for your case.
  • Our dog bite attorneys in Irvine work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay us unless we help you secure compensation.

How Our Irvine Dog Bite Attorney Can Help with Your Case

It’s important to note that the process of pursuing a dog bite lawsuit isn’t simple. You will need the services of an Irvine dog bite attorney who has experience with these types of claims to help you through the process. This is especially the case if you have experienced serious or life-changing injuries.

In many situations, the insurance companies don’t handle the claims process correctly to try and reduce your settlement. We will help in several ways as we work to help you get the maximum amount of compensation for your claim. Our legal team will . . .

  • Answer all your legal questions
  • Investigate the dog bite or attack incident
  • Determine all parties who may be at fault for the incident (other people, in addition to the dog owner, may be at fault)
  • File an insurance claim on your behalf
  • Prove who is liable for the incident
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Go to trial if needed.

An Irvine dog bite attorney will work to ensure that you have everything needed during the claims process. This includes receiving quality medical care from top doctors, and we will be available to answer any questions you have. With our help, you can rest and focus on your recovery while we will handle all the legal factors of your situation.

Dog Bite Laws in Irvine, California

In California, there is a strict liability statute related to dog bites. What this means is that the pet owner will be considered liable without the injured party having to prove negligence. According to California Civil Code, a dog owner will be liable for damages that are suffered by victims who are bitten or attacked by a dog when they are lawfully on a piece of private property or in a public location, whether or not the dog had been vicious in the past or the owner knew of this behavior.

This means if you suffered injuries from a dog bite while legally on a property, the controller or owner of the dog is considered liable for them. However, usually, this law will not apply to situations where the bite or attack occurs while the dog is engaged in military or police work.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Dog Bite Injury?

Usually, the dog’s owner will be liable for injuries, property damage, or deaths that occur due to the actions of their dog. If another party was keeping or controlling the dog, like a family member or dog walker, then that person may be liable instead. The definition of a dog owner in California means anyone who is harboring or keeping the animal.

In cases of dog bites where the owner is under 18, their parents will be considered vicariously liable. What this means is that it will be the responsibility of the parents to cover the bills of the injured party.

Sometimes, a California landlord will be considered liable for a dog bite if they were aware that their tenant had a dangerous dog on site but did nothing to prevent a foreseeable attack. If you have any questions regarding dog bite liability in Irvine, it’s best to get in touch with our legal team. We can review your situation and help you better understand the parties who may be liable for your injuries.

Who Is Responsible for Covering Dog Bite-Related Costs?

A common reason that dog bite victims don’t seek legal action is that they are worried the owner of the dog will experience financial hardship if they file a lawsuit – this is especially true for situations where the owner is a family member or friend.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s the insurance company of the pet owner that will cover the cost of the claims. Usually, a person’s homeowners insurance policy will cover the injuries that arise from a dog bite on the owner’s property since, in California, pets are classified as property.

If the injury occurs when the dog is in a vehicle, the car insurance of the owner will cover the injury claim. There are also insurance companies that sell policies to cover dog attacks specifically. If the owner of the pet has one of these policies, then it is this insurance that will cover the bite-related costs. Pet owners with no insurance coverage, though, will still be liable.

Sometimes, pet owners can present a defense against a dog bite injury case. One defense is that the individual who was bitten was trespassing when the attack occurred. In the state of California, if someone trespasses on private property, they may be banned from any financial recovery if they are injured.

Another potential defense in these cases is if the dog owner alleges that the victim is at least partially to blame for their injuries because they provoked the animal. The dog owner will assert this defense in an effort to partially or completely reduced financial recovery for the victim.

Common Reasons Dog Bite Injuries Occur

There are several reasons a dog may bite someone. Even in situations where the animal is a household pet who has never shown signs of being vicious, they may snap if put in the wrong circumstances. Sometimes, a dog will bite because of environmental factors or simply because dogs can be unpredictable. In other situations, dogs bite because they have aggressive tendencies or to try to protect their territory. In the state of California, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to prevent dog attacks. This is done by ensuring they always have control of the dog.

Some of the reasons that dog bite injuries occur in Irvine, California, include:

  • A dog is interrupted while it is eating
  • A dog escaping from its home
  • Someone who tries to pet a dog
  • Pet owners who fail to control a dangerous animal
  • A person visiting a home is attacked by the homeowner’s dog
  • A dog who is running free
  • Pet owner who is breaking the leash laws in California
  • Pet owners that are improperly controlling their dog

Contact Our Irvine Dog Bite Attorney for Assistance with Your Case

When it comes to a dog bite or attack situation, hiring our legal team is highly recommended. We can investigate your injury and help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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