You use a variety of products every single day. You buy these products to enhance and improve your life, not damage it. When a manufacturer creates or designs a defective product, you could suffer incredibly serious injuries. These may include products like a faulty airbag, a tool, or even a child’s toy. These products may explode, be choking hazards, and cause harm in many other ways. When it happens to you, you deserve compensation from the negligent party that caused your injuries.

These cases are complex and not something you want to handle alone. Our legal team is prepared for these complexities and knows how to pursue the compensation you are owed. At Neale & Fhima, APC, we take product liability cases very seriously. We represent clients in Irvine, CA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more about your unique case.

Why You Should Choose Our Legal Team as Your Product Liability Lawyers

When you hire our experienced attorneys, you will feel confident about our commitment to you. We seek the maximum compensation possible for all of our clients. Our product liability lawyers understand the law and how to prove these complex cases.

You are already dealing with your injuries, the financial fallout, and the emotional trauma of your accident. You should not have to add the stress of handling this litigation alone or with an inexperienced attorney. We have the resources and knowledge necessary to fight for you and your particular case.

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How We Can Help with Your Irvine Product Liability Claim

Many manufacturers will try to deny they are at fault, even if they know that is untrue. They have powerful law firms on their side and even insurance companies that may be involved. They may try to take advantage of your situation by offering a low settlement to make you go away or simply deny fault and refuse to pay anything.

Our skilled Irvine defective product attorneys know these tactics. We represent injured clients against big companies and manufacturers to hold them responsible for the defective products they created. We can help you:

  • Gather evidence to prove your claim
  • Hire experts to show how the product is defective
  • Present evidence about your injuries and financial costs
  • Negotiate a potential settlement or file a product liability claim when necessary
  • Determine the potential value of your case and seek fair compensation for you.

We focus on you and your needs. We truly care about our clients, their lives, and their recovery after a defective product accident.

Frequently Asked Questions to Irvine Product Liability Attorney

How long will a product liability case take?

Each case is different. Some cases may be negotiated and settled relatively quickly, especially if the manufacturer cooperates. If a lawsuit is required, this process can take longer, ranging from several months to a few years. We can help you understand the possibilities in your consultation.

Who are the parties in a product liability case?

Parties in a product liability case usually include the injured party as the plaintiff. Defendants may include many parties, including the manufacturer, an insurance company, a part supplier, or even a party that sold the defective product.

How much is my California product liability case worth?

The value of your case is highly fact specific. Our qualified product liability lawyers can help you determine the potential value of your case based on factors relevant to your situation.

How do I know if I used or purchased a defective product?

First, if you used a product as intended and it harmed you, it may be defective. Your injuries from an unexpected accident with the product are often the best indication that something was wrong with it. Another way is when you know the product has been recalled or gets recalled after your injury. A recall is not necessary to win a case, but it may help you know that others have been injured by the product as well.

How long do I have to file my claim?

California Code of Civil Procedure 335.1 requires most defective product lawsuits to be filed within two years of the date the injury occurred. There are exceptions to this time limit, but they are rare. You should consult an attorney quickly after your accident to avoid filing late and losing your claim for compensation.

What is a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Product liability cases are also known as defective product lawsuits. They occur when a defective product causes injury to a victim. Defective products generally fall within three categories:

  • Design Defects: A design defect occurs when the product is poorly or negligently designed from the very start. Even if the manufacturer makes the product according to the plans and specifications, it is those plans that make the product dangerous. A mistake was made in the design process that ultimately created the accident. Many cases involve medical devices, e-cigarettes, and even lithium-ion batteries.
  • Manufacturing Defects: A manufacturing defect occurs when the product is safe as designed but is constructed in such a way that makes it dangerous. There is some error with the manufacturing process that makes the product unsafe. This might include employee errors, machining mistakes, or faulty materials in the product’s construction.
  • Failure to Warn: Failure to warn lawsuits are unique but more common than you might think. In these cases, the manufacturer fails to properly warn the consumer about known or potential hazards of using the product. These are especially common in defective medication cases but can occur with nearly any product.

You do not have to know which type of product liability lawsuit you have. An Irvine product liability attorney will consult on your case to help you determine what type of claim to file. Contact us today for a revision of your case: 888-407-2955.

Common Defective Products in Irvine

Any product could be defective and may be the one that caused your harm. Common examples of defective products include, but are not limited to:

  • Trucks, cars, and motorcycles
  • Tires
  • Machinery and equipment in the workplace
  • E-cigarettes
  • Batteries
  • Baby and child products
  • Electronics
  • Medications and drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Airbags.

This list could continue, but these examples show how pervasive the problem is. These products are in our everyday lives. A manufacturer should be held responsible for their defective product and the injuries they can cause.

Injuries From Defective Products

Defective products can cause very serious or even catastrophic injuries. These can lead to very painful and costly harm that affects your entire life. In some cases, you may even lose a beloved family member because of a defective product.

Injuries caused by product liability cases commonly include:

These injuries and many others could result from a manufacturer’s defective product. You and your attorney can work to prove that your injuries were caused by the defective product and seek compensation from the negligent manufacturer.

How to Prove a Product Liability Case in Irvine

A party that manufactures, designs, or sells a defective product is strictly liable for injuries caused by that product, even without negligence in many cases. There are many things your attorney will seek to prove in the case to win you compensation. However, the four primary elements of a defective product lawsuit are:

  • That the defendant manufactured, designed, distributed, or sold the defective product;
  • The product contained that defect when it left the defendant’s possession;
  • The plaintiff then used the product in some reasonably foreseeable way; and
  • The plaintiff suffered harm as a result of the defect in the product.

A defective product attorney is well-versed in California product liability law. They know the right strategies to use and how to investigate the case.

What is “Strict Liability?”

Most types of personal injury claims, like motor vehicle accidents, require a showing that the other party was negligent, reckless, or committed some intentional act. Strict liability means that the manufacturer or other defendant may be responsible for the defective product, no matter their level of culpability. It does not even require that the company be negligent — just that it meets the four elements above.

Using a Product in a Reasonably Foreseeable Way

California requires that manufacturers anticipate how the ordinary consumer will use the product and even how they might misuse it. If the use or misuse was reasonably foreseeable, it meets that particular element. If not, the defendant may be responsible for how the injured person used the product.

Compensation an Irvine Product Liability Attorney Can Get

A successful product liability lawsuit will hold the manufacturer financially responsible for your injuries and costs. These include both economic and non-economic damages to help fully compensate you for the injuries the defective product caused.

Compensation may include those such as the following:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Costs of rehabilitation and therapy
  • Property damage costs
  • Lost income or future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship and support
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death damages

Some cases may even permit punitive damages, which are a special class of compensation designed to punish defendants for particularly egregious or wrongful conduct. These are limited to certain situations but may be substantial when proven.

Speak with a Product Liability Attorney in Irvine

If you were harmed by a defective product, contact one of our skilled Irvine product liability attorneys right away. We understand what you are going through and are here to help investigate your case. Our attorneys want to ensure you get the compensation you are owed for all that you have been through.

At Neale & Fhima, APC, we take your situation seriously. We have helped countless clients win the compensation they deserve. Contact us today or call 888-407-2955 to learn more about your case and how we can help.

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