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California consumers should understand that the lemon law in this state is more far-reaching than many understand. For instance, most consumers believe the law simply applies to new cars, trucks and SUVs under warranty. But did you know that if you buy a used vehicle under warranty, it also is covered? In some cases, the law can even cover a vehicle after the warranty is expired, if the consumer tried to repair it when the vehicle still had the warranty in place.

The California lemon law offers a path toward replacement or repayment even if the defect on the vehicle is not related to safety. If the defect affects the use or value of the vehicle, you still can obtain coverage under the lemon law.

Our lemon law attorneys in Lake Forest offer lemon law legal representation across California. We use our skills and experience to ensure that clients are fairly treated. Without the assistance of an experienced attorney, the process of filing a lemon law claim and dealing with a difficult car manufacturer can be overwhelming.

California Lemon Law Overview

The lemon law is designed to protect California consumers who find a serious repair issue with their leased or purchased vehicle while it is still under warranty. Key features of the California lemon law are:

  • The law applies to any defect under the original manufacturer’s warranty that affects use, value or safety. Even if you bought the car used, the law will apply as long as the warranty is in place.
  • If the manufacturer is unable to fix your car’s problem, it must replace it with a new one just like it or give you your money back. The manufacturer will, however, charge you for the mileage that has been put on the car.
  • Manufacturers are allowed a ‘reasonable’ number of attempts to fix the vehicle before it is deemed a lemon. Normally, this is defined as four attempts to repair the same issue. But if there is a serious, safety-related problem, such as non-functioning brakes, only two attempts are allowed. Also, if the car is at the dealer for at least 30 days and has not been repaired, you could be entitled to a replacement or refund.
  • It is common for the dealer or manufacturer to fight the claim. The dealer often argues that the repair issue was because you did something to abuse the car. Or, the dealer could say the problem was not covered by the original warranty. Also, they may argue that they were not given enough opportunities to repair the car.

If you are facing these types of arguments with the dealership or manufacturer, do not delay. Call the Lake Forest lemon law lawyers today at (888) 407-2955.

Lemon Law Myths

You may hear that the California lemon law is applicable only to new cars or that you can get reimbursed only if the defect is uncovered in the first 18 months or 18,000 miles. This is not the case! The lemon law in this state has more flexibility than you might think. It is applicable to both new and leased vehicles, as long as some of the repairs were attempted within the warranty period.

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