Each state has a lemon law that protects the owners of new and used vehicles under factory warranty. If you have a vehicle under warranty that has serious repair and reliability problems, you may qualify for financial relief under the California Lemon Law. Under the right circumstances, you may qualify for a new vehicle or your money back.

Below are some of the common myths about the California lemon law. If you have any questions about a possible lemon in Wildomar or in surrounding communities, Neale & Fhima can help you.

Myth #1 You can’t win a lemon law case with a leased vehicle.

Wrong. If you have a new or used vehicle – purchased OR leased – that is covered by the original factory warranty, you could have the car declared a lemon, IF it has a serious reliability problem that affects safety, value or use. Bad brakes? This could be a claim. If the paint job is poor, it also could be a claim because it may affect value. Loose glove compartment lid that rattles? Sorry, probably not a lemon law claim.

Myth #2 My car is still running, so it doesn’t qualify.

So, what? Just because it is running and you can drive it does not mean you cannot file a claim. If your car has been in the shop up to four times for the same safety-related issue or has been in the shop for a total of 30 days, it still can be a lemon even if it is drivable. There are many issues with a car that could qualify it as a lemon even if you can still drive it. For example, if the windshield wipers cannot be made to work in heavy rain after several attempts, this is a serious safety problem that could qualify, even though the car is mechanically sound.

Myth #3 I made aftermarket modifications to the car, so I can’t make a claim.

If you modified the car, this does not always mean you cannot make a Lemon Law claim. You will need to run this special kind of case past your lemon law attorney to see if you qualify for relief under the law.

Myth #4 Lawyers are too expensive.

A trained attorney does cost money. But if your car qualifies under the lemon law and you win the case, the auto manufacturer must pay your legal fees. You are not going to pay anything out of pocket most of the time. If your attorney thinks you have no case, he will tell you so up front, so the financial risk on your part is really nonexistent.

Myth #5 Lemon law cases take forever.

It is true that sometimes these cases are not a picnic.  Getting the auto manufacturer to buy back a junk vehicle can be challenging. But a proactive and experienced lemon law attorney can work wonders. You can make it easier to have success if you have in your possession all repair invoices, the record of time the car was in the shop, receipts for all of your costs because the car was out of service (things such as cab rides), and loan documentation and other costs related to your vehicle, such as registration and sales tax.

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