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If you’ve recently purchased an Infiniti vehicle and are experiencing persistent issues that impair its safety, value, or functionality, you may be entitled to legal protection under the California lemon law and the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

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Understanding the Infiniti Lemon Law

The Infiniti lemon law is a set of legal protections designed to protect consumers who have purchased or leased an Infiniti vehicle that continues to experience defects or issues, for which the vehicle has been presented multiple times for repair to a dealership. This law allows consumers to seek a refund, replacement, or cash settlement for their problematic vehicle.

Navigating the complexities of lemon law claims can be overwhelming, but with Neale & Fhima by your side, you can trust that you’re in capable hands. We’ll work closely with you to assess the specifics of your case, build a compelling argument, and guide you through every step of the legal process.

Why Hire Neale & Fhima Lemon Lawyers for Your Case Against Infiniti?

When you purchase a new vehicle, you expect it to run smoothly and efficiently, providing you with reliable transportation. However, if you’re dealing with persistent problems with your Infiniti vehicle, you may be entitled to legal recourse under lemon law statutes.

In such situations, hiring experienced lemon law attorneys to protect your rights and help you seek compensation for your troubles is essential. Neale & Fhima lemon lawyers have a strong reputation for representing clients in lemon law cases. We are well-equipped to handle your case against Infiniti. Here are some key reasons why hiring Neale & Fhima lemon lawyers is prudent when pursuing a lemon law claim against Infiniti.

Extensive Experience

Our firm has a proven track record of successfully handling lemon law cases. In fact, we have handled and litigation well over 1,000 lemon law cases. Our experienced attorneys have litigated numerous cases against various automakers, including Infiniti. This wealth of experience allows us to anticipate potential challenges, develop effective legal strategies, and confidently advocate for our clients.

Knowledge of Infiniti’s Practices

Our attorneys understand Infiniti’s manufacturing, distribution, and customer service practices. This knowledge allows us to effectively identify and leverage potential areas of non-compliance with lemon law statutes, giving our clients a strategic advantage in their cases.

Resources and Network

Our lemon lawyers have the resources, industry connections, and legal expertise to build a strong case against Infiniti. Our access to expert witnesses, technical consultants, and industry professionals empowers us to thoroughly investigate and present compelling evidence supporting our clients’ claims.

Aggressive Advocacy

Our lawyers are known for their aggressive advocacy on behalf of their clients. We are not afraid to take on large automotive manufacturers like Infiniti and are well-prepared to litigate cases in court if necessary. This unwavering commitment to client interests ensures that every available avenue is explored to secure a favorable resolution.

How Does My Infiniti Qualify to File for a Lemon Law Claim in California?

To determine if your Infiniti qualifies for a lemon law claim in California, consider the following key factors:

Is Your Vehicle Covered Under the Lemon Law?

California’s lemon law covers new and used vehicles under the manufacturer’s original warranty, including certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. It typically applies to cars, trucks, SUVs, and certain motorhomes. You may be eligible if your Infiniti is still under its warranty period.

Has the Dearlership Tried to Fix the Issue?

Before filing a lemon law claim, it’s essential to give the manufacturer or authorized dealership a reasonable number of attempts to repair the issue. In most cases, California law requires a minimum of two repair attempts for serious safety issues or three to four attempts for non-safety issues. If the problem persists after these attempts, your vehicle may qualify for a lemon law claim.

Has Your Vehicle Been Out of Service for a Significant Amount of Time?

If your Infiniti has been in the repair shop for an extended period or multiple times due to defects, it could meet the criteria for lemon law protection. In California, the law protects vehicles that have been out of service for 30 days or more during the warranty period.

Steps to Take if You Believe Your Infiniti Qualifies

Here are the steps you should take if you believe your Infiniti qualifies for a lemon law claim:

  • Gather Documentation: Collect all relevant documents about your Infiniti and the reported defects. This includes repair records, invoices, work orders, manufacturer or dealership communications, and applicable warranty information. Thorough documentation is crucial in substantiating your claim.
  • Retain Counsel: Seek advice from a lemon law attorney specializing in Infiniti car defects. At Neale & Fhima will evaluate your case, provide expert guidance, and help you understand your rights under the California lemon law. Your attorney will draft a formal complaint to the manufacturer or dealership detailing the issues you’ve experienced with your Infiniti. This will include a description of problems, and the number of repair attempts made.
  • Prepare for Legal Action If the manufacturer is unresponsive or unwilling to resolve the issue, your attorney will guide you through filing a lawsuit under the California lemon law.

You need an experienced Neale & Fhima California Infiniti lemon lawyer to handle your lemon law case. Contact Neale & Fhima at 888-407-2955 to schedule a free phone, video meeting, or in-person consultation.

Here Is How We Can Help Your Case

Filing a successful lemon law can be complex. That’s why it’s crucial to enlist the expertise of an experienced California lemon law attorney to represent you. Here is what you can expect when you choose Neale & Fhima as your Infiniti California lemon law claim:

  • Evaluating Your Eligibility to File a Claim: When you reach out to us, our Infiniti lemon law lawyer will meticulously examine your purchase or lease agreement and your vehicle’s repair history to determine if you meet the criteria for filing a claim. If you provide all the necessary information, we can likely do this during your initial consultation at no cost. We’ll follow up with you if any additional details are needed until we can comprehensively assess your legal rights.
  • Submitting a Demand to the Vehicle’s Manufacturer: If you have a valid claim under California’s lemon law, after we file the complaint or lawsuit our next step will be to submit a formal written demand to your vehicle’s manufacturer. In this letter, we will outline your vehicle’s purchase (or lease) and service history, elucidate your rights under the law, and assert your preferred remedy (refund, replacement, or cash settlement). We will ensure the manufacturer receives your demand and stay in contact with you as we engage with them on your behalf.
  • Vigorously Pursuing Your Claim and Negotiating When Appropriate: Claims can take different paths. Some manufacturers may accept liability and provide the requested relief, although this outcome is relatively uncommon. In other cases, they may acknowledge liability but challenge the requested remedy. Alternatively, they may contest liability under California’s lemon law. Regardless of the manufacturer’s response, we will aggressively advocate for your right to a remedy. If necessary, we will negotiate a settlement that offers fair compensation for the costs and frustrations you’ve experienced.
  • Assisting in Obtaining Your Award: We will guide you through obtaining your award, depending on the chosen remedy. This may involve a refund or replacement. Alternatively, it may involve signing a settlement agreement and accepting a check. Our team will support you throughout this process, allowing you to put any frustrations behind you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lemon law apply to leased vehicles?

Yes, the lemon law in California covers leased vehicles in the same manner as vehicles that are purchased outright.

What if my Infiniti vehicle’s warranty has expired? Does the lemon law still cover it?

If the vehicle experienced a defect or non-conformity while still under the manufacturer’s original warranty, it may likely still be eligible for protection under the California lemon law.

What documents and records should I keep for my lemon law case?

Maintaining all relevant documents, including repair invoices, communications with the manufacturer or dealership, and records of any attempts to repair the vehicle, is crucial. Photographs and videos showing the defect are helpful as well. These documents can serve as evidence in your lemon law case.

Can the manufacturer dispute my lemon law claim for my Infiniti?

Yes, the manufacturer may dispute your claim. They may argue that the issue doesn’t qualify as a substantial defect or that you failed to meet the necessary repair attempts. It is essential to have legal representation to navigate potential disputes.

Contact an Infiniti Lemon Law Attorney in California

If you’ve been dealing with recurring problems in your Infiniti vehicle and believe it may qualify as a lemon, hiring Neale & Fhima lemon lawyers is wise. Our specialized expertise makes us a formidable advocate for individuals seeking justice. Contact Neale & Fhima lemon lawyers at 888-407-2955 for a free consultation.

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