So, you’re really excited about that new Nissan in the driveway and feel like you’ve taken a step up in the world.  Everything feels right until you notice that the vehicle shudders and jumps when it is changing gears.  You hope for the best but soon realize that it’s a chronic issue and you have a Nissan defective transmission.

What a headache!  It’s the last thing you wanted when you signed the sales agreement and drove the vehicle off the dealership lot.  Don’t despair yet, because there may be a solution at your fingertips. California’s lemon law is one of the most consumer-friendly in the nation, and it provides legal recourse for frustrated vehicle owners just like you.  You don’t have to get stuck with a Nissan defective transmission.

Contact a lemon law attorney at Neale & Fhima today, because we might be able to help.  We’ve assisted hundreds of clients with Nissan defective transmission problems and have achieved favorable outcomes.  For a free initial consultation, contact us at (888) 407-2955.  We’re here to help.

What Causes a Nissan Defective Transmission?

There are several different things that can cause a Nissan defective transmission, and most of them are serious.  Transmission problems have telltale signs that are easily identifiable if you know what to look for, according to Firestone Complete Auto Care.  These include:

  • Transmission shifting delays
  • A burnt smell coming from under the hood
  • Transmission slipping, grinding or jumping
  • Transmission fluid on dipstick is cloudy, thick or foul smelling
  • Nissan shaking at any speed
  • Fluid visibly leaking from the Nissan.

Some common causes include:

  • Worn gear synchronizers (manual transmission systems only)
  • Low or dirty transmission fluid caused by leaking, contamination, or age
  • Failed needle roller bearings (automatic transmission systems only)
  • Worn clutch (manual transmission systems only)

The problems above are discussed in greater detail at Firestone.  Torque converter problems and solenoid problems (controls the flow of fluid through the transmission) can also contribute to a Nissan defective transmission, according to CarsDirect.

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California’s Lemon Law

California has one of the most extensive lemon laws in the nation to ensure consumer protection from defective transmissions.  If it turns out that you have a lemon, your options are 1) to insist that the manufacturer repurchase or replace your vehicle or 2) let your attorney negotiate a cash settlement with the manufacturer. When you hire Neale & Fhima, our trusted lemon law lawyer will explain your options so you can make an informed decision. Find out more in: What to Do if You Have a Lemon.

A “lemon” is a car, SUV, truck or other vehicle that has never really worked correctly from the start.  Whether it’s due to a faulty transmission, unreliable brakes or countless other mechanical problems, these vehicles never function correctly no matter how many times you take them in for repairs.  If such defects have led to unfortunate incidents on the road, a truck accident lawyer might be able to assist. To determine whether you have a Lemon Law claim, check to see whether your vehicle is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. If it is, you probably have a claim.  If you own a used vehicle, then you will need one of three specific warranties to have a Lemon Law claim.  These warranties can be explained in greater detail by a lemon law attorney at Neale & Fhima.  Either way, you need to have made a “reasonable number of attempts” to get your new vehicle repaired before filing a legal claim. Find out more in: Do You Have a Lemon?

The lemon law attorneys at Neale & Fhima have represented hundreds of clients who own Nissan vehicles with defective transmissions.  Whether asking for financial compensation or a replacement vehicle, these clients successfully took big automakers to court and won.

What Defects Are Covered Under the Nissan Defective Transmission Lemon Law?

The Lemon Law in California stipulates “nonconformities,” which are defined as any defect or malfunction that is covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty.  Nonconformities compromise the use, value or safety of the vehicle. A skilled and experienced lemon law attorney, much like accident claim lawyers, can explain the ins and outs of nonconformities in greater detail and help determine whether you have a claim.

Remember, there is a time limit on filing a lemon law claim.  The statute of limitations under California’s Lemon Law is four years, but don’t wait that long. If you have purchased or leased a defective Nissan lemon, start collecting copies of your repair bills and call a skilled and experienced Nissan lemon law attorney right away.  The longer you wait, the more frustrated you will become.

And don’t worry about not having money to hire a lawyer.  Our lemon law attorneys work on contingency, which means that we don’t get paid until you get paid.  Our attorney’s fees are paid by the auto manufacturer as part of a settlement agreement or jury award.  If for any reason your claim is not successful, then you owe us nothing.

Contact a Nissan Transmission Defect Attorney Today

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have purchased or leased a vehicle with a Nissan defective transmission, we know you are disappointed and more than a little frustrated.  But a Nissan transmission defect attorney might be able to help. Just as a vehicle accident lawyer can assist victims of road mishaps, our expertise extends to California’s powerful lemon law, providing ample opportunity to secure a replacement vehicle, force the manufacturer to buy back your defective Nissan or negotiate a cash settlement.  You don’t have to get stuck with a lemon.  If your vehicle is plagued by a Nissan transmission defect, call Neale & Fhima today at (888) 407-2955.

We have years of experience in these kinds of cases, and we are tough and aggressive in representing our clients.  We will work hard on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.  You won’t be disappointed in our top-notch client service and our commitment to success.

Attorney Aaron Fhima

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