The Recalls Keep Coming for Hyundai and Kia


Most Californians rely on their vehicle to get them to work, to school and to transport their families to where they need to go. For the most part, modern motor vehicles work reliably. But there are many times these days when automotive defects can lead to recalls, and, in some cases, serious accidents that endanger health and safety. When faced with such situations, it’s essential to consult with a car defect lawyer to understand your rights.

A recent recall for Hyundai and Kia we read about last month is one of those safety issues that could lead to serious accidents, so we want to highlight it here. The new recall for Hyundai and Kia involves more than 500,000 compact cars in the U.S. whose brake lights may not turn off when the brake pedal is released. This product safety defect could lead to serious accidents. If you or a loved one have been affected, it’s essential to consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer to understand your rights.

The product recall involves more than 380,000 Hundai Elantra cars in the model years 2013 and 2014. Also included in the recall are 134,000 Kia Forte vehicles that were made from 212 to 2014.

According to a news release from the companies, a polymer stopper pad that is between the arm of the pedal and the light switch can break down over time. This may allow the switch to stay in the on position. That may keep the brake light on, and allow the driver to shift from park without putting their foot on the brake. This may increase your chances of an accident. If you’ve been affected by such an incident, contacting a rear end collision lawyer can be beneficial.

The auto manufacturers reported they will begin to replace the defective parts on Jan. 30 for Kia and in Feb. for Hyundai.

Our Southern California personal injury and lemon law attorneys at Neale & Fhima hope all owners of these vehicles get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid potential safety hazards. If you have difficulty getting a defective vehicle part repaired, you might be able to receive compensation through a lemon law claim. Consulting with a defective vehicle lawyer can provide guidance on your rights and potential remedies.

Manufacturers are supposed to make sure they don’t sell faulty vehicles to consumers, but defective vehicle parts often make their way to car buyers. There are many ways in which a faulty vehicle component poses a threat to the safety of a driver. If you’ve been affected by such a fault, a vehicle accident lawyer can provide guidance and support.

For example, when part of the steering system fails, it can restrict your ability to control the vehicle. Some of the most common problems include issues with the steering linkage. Also, the power steering may be rendered ineffective from a physical defect or a computer flaw. These types of safety problems increase the chances of a serious accident. Recently GM recalled 750,000 trucks because of a possible power steering loss that could occur with no warning.

If you own a vehicle that has a known product defect and you have been injured, you may have a personal injury case. It is worth at least speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney to determine your best legal options.

Many of our clients come to us after purchasing a faulty vehicle and experiencing difficulty getting the manufacturer or dealership to take their problem seriously. Through California’s lemon law, we can get our clients a replacement or reimbursement for their defective vehicle.

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