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Did you know the average cost of a new car or truck these days is more than $33,000? With that sort of serious financial commitment, Orange County auto purchasers should demand that their vehicles be safely designed and produced. Sadly, plenty of poorly designed and manufactured vehicles come off the assembly line each year.

When dangerous and reckless design and manufacturing causes vehicle defects that cause accidents, California consumers should know they have the right to seek compensation for their personal injuries and other damages. In most personal injury cases, it is possible to hold one or more of the following parties accountable for damages from vehicle defects:

  • The vehicle manufacturer
  • The manufacturer of a defective part
  • The dealer that sold the vehicle.

Vehicle Manufacturer

For decades, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has used the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act to hold auto manufacturers accountable for the safety of their vehicles. The Act also has been used as legal backing for ordering recalls of vehicles that are defective and do not adhere to minimum safety standards.

The Act has been responsible for the recall of 390 million cars, trucks and SUVs; 46 million tires; and 66 million other pieces of vehicle equipment. Even with regular recalls, accidents still happen from vehicle defects that were unknown. Sometimes vehicle manufacturers and dealers conceal defects that lead to consumer harm.

Defective Part Manufacturer

Automobiles in the 21st century are complex machines. There are many manufacturers involved in the production of a vehicle today. Each vendor or part producer in the supply chain may have some degree of liability if a defective part causes a car accident. According to data from NHTSA, the most common vehicle defects that lead to accidents are:

  • Steering system breakdown that leads to loss of control
  • Fuel system component leakage and fire
  • Accelerator control sticks
  • Defective engine cooling fan
  • Air bags that deploy unexpectedly, do not deploy, or deploy with too much force; the Takata airbag recall has involved more than 37 million vehicles
  • Wiring system defects leading to fire or loss of lighting.

Liability and Vehicle Defect Cases

You may file a product liability auto accident lawsuit if a defective vehicle part caused you damage or injury. This can be done under one or more theories of liability:

  • Breach of warranty: Can include an implied or express guarantee
  • Negligence: Manufacturer or dealer did not exercise ‘reasonable care’
  • Strict liability: The product was defective and that led to injury
  • Misrepresentation or fraud: Intentional concealment of danger, or deceptive marketing.

Each of the above theories of liability can be the legal basis to seek compensation from the manufacturer or dealer for a defective vehicle part. To ensure you will receive the maximum award from your personal injury lawsuit, it is important to retain an experienced personal injury attorney in southern California.

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