MTBIs Endanger Accident Victims of Every Age Group

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Each year, more than one million Americans of all ages are admitted to emergency departments with symptoms of concussions or other mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs). Most are treated and released the same day. But will these victims experience ongoing cognitive problems over the long term? And what difference, if any, do the victims’ ages make when it comes to MTBI? At Neale & Fhima, we he...

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Catastrophic Injuries and the Physics of a Car Accident

It is easy to see why automobile accidents cause so many injuries. Our bodies are made of soft tissue. Vehicles and the objects they collide with are made of steel, glass, concrete, and other hard substances. This makes us vulnerable during an impact. Bruises and cuts are common, as are strains, sprains, broken bones, and concussions. But what about more serious injuries, like ruptured organs and Read More

Controversial Football Injury Demonstrates the Complexity of TBIs

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On November 17, 2016, the Carolina Panthers took on the New Orleans Saints in a Thursday night game broadcast live to millions of football fans. With just over four minutes left to play, the Panther’s star linebacker, Luke Kuechly, went down with an injury after absorbing a hit from the Saints’ running back. The hit itself was unremarkable – the crown of the runner’s helmet impacted Kuechly’s facemask and chest area and both players fel...

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