Common Injuries from Rear-End Car Accidents

If you’ve ever witnessed or been involved in a vehicle accident, the chances are good it was a rear-end collision. These are some of the most common collision types and, in the best case scenario, they result in only minor damage to a vehicle. Unfortunately, many accidents don’t fall into the “best case scenario” category. Rear-end collisions can be devastating for someone injured in ...

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MTBIs Endanger Accident Victims of Every Age Group

California Personal Injury Attorney

Each year, more than one million Americans of all ages are admitted to emergency departments with symptoms of concussions or other mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs). Most are treated and released the same day. But will these victims experience ongoing cognitive problems over the long term? And what difference, if any, do the victims’ ages make when it comes to MTBI? At Neale & Fhima, we he...

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Privacy, Personal Injury, and Social Media

California Personal Injury

People who say personal injury damage awards are too large have no idea what victims endure. Following an accident, a year or more can go by before a victim receives a cent from a defendant who is clearly at fault. The victim suffers physically, emotionally, and financially during this time. Some go completely broke due to medical expenses. They must also sacrifice their privacy in ways the re...

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