How Many Repairs Before a Car Is a Lemon?

Defects Lemon Law

California’s Lemon Law provides legal recourse to motorists who have purchased defective vehicles. If you’ve encountered problems due to a defective vehicle and have been in an accident, you might also need a vehicle accident lawyer. The law offers remedies to consumers, including a manufacturer buyback, a replacement vehicle or, in some cases, a cash […]

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How Safe Are Electric Cars?

Electric Cars

If you’re wondering how safe are electric cars, you’re not alone. A record number of people are snapping up Teslas and other electric vehicles, and EVs are among the most popular cars on the road today. But some owners want to know if EVs are as safe as their internal combustion engine counterparts. The short […]

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What can affect a lemon law claim?

lemon law

There are several factors that can affect a lemon law claim. California law is clear that you must be able to check certain boxes before initiating a lemon law claim. Some of these factors include: Nature of the defect New or used vehicle Statute of limitations Proof of repair attempts Quality and skill of your […]

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What Voids the Lemon Law in California?

Lemon Law

While the California Lemon Law is clearly designed to protect consumers, there are certain instances in which a manufacturer may not be required to repurchase or replace a defective vehicle.  The most obvious instance is when a vehicle becomes defective because of abuse and neglect by the owner.  For example, if an owner never changes […]

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What types of problems are covered by the lemon law?

Two people looking at broken down car

California has one of the most progressive lemon laws in the nation that ensures vehicle owners’ protection.  Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, if you purchase a defective vehicle, you are entitled to a legal remedy. However, you must prove that your vehicle is a lemon according to legal guidelines. If you believe your vehicle qualifies, […]

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When is a Car a Lemon?

A Man Fixing his car | Lemon Law Attorneys

You’ve probably heard the slang term “lemon” thrown around in conversation when a person is referring to a product, vehicle or deal that turned out to be a dud.  But in all seriousness, if you’re facing such a situation, consulting with a lemon law attorney might be beneficial. You may be looking for a more […]

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What is the average lemon law settlement in California?

A woman with a broken down car | California Lemon Law Attorney

We’re often very excited when we buy a new car and have dreams of all the places we’ll go – a day at the beach, a weekend of skiing, or a family getaway.  That’s why it’s so frustrating if you discover that your new vehicle does not work as it should or has a chronic […]

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When is a Car a Lemon?

Car Accident Lemon Car

You’ve probably heard the slang term “lemon” thrown around in conversation when a person is referring to a product, vehicle or deal that turned out to be a dud. But in all seriousness, you may be looking for a more specific definition when you ask yourself: “When is a car a lemon?” Turns out California […]

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What happens when you win a lemon law case?

California Lemon Law Attorney

California has one of the most consumer-friendly lemon laws in the nation, and many people may be asking themselves, “What happens when you win a lemon law case?” If you win, it’s good news all around, because you have choices. You can request that the manufacturer repurchase or replace your vehicle, or you can ask […]

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Where Do Broadside Collisions Most Commonly Occur?

Side Impact

Where do broadside collisions most commonly occur? They can happen in many different settings, for many different reasons, but these types of collisions are very common at intersections. Broadside collisions are also referred to as side-impact collisions or T-bone collisions. One of the most common characteristics of broadside collisions is the angle at which one […]

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