The last thing you want to do while vacationing in Orange County is deal with the stress of a rental car collision, but unfortunately, collisions are all too common along the Artesia Freeway or Pacific Coast Highway. When you’re in a wreck while driving a rental car, trust an Orange County rental car accident lawyer from Neale & Fhima to guide you through the legal process.

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What Should I Do After I’ve Been Hit While Driving a Rental Car?

The steps to take after getting into a wreck driving a rental car are similar to the steps you take after you’re hit driving your own car:

  • Call 911 — the police will complete a thorough accident report with details about the accident and its cause.
  • Make sure everyone is okay — relay any information to the 911 operator and follow their instructions.
  • Move the car out of traffic if safely possible.
  • Exchange contact information with the other driver.
  • Take photos and videos of the scene, your injuries, and any damage.
  • Alert the rental car company that you were in a wreck.
  • Alert your own car insurance company — some carriers have policies that require you to report any accident you’re in.
  • Seek immediate medical attention — first responders are trained to spot “hidden injuries” you may not realize you have.

Finally, as soon as you are able, contact an experienced rental car accident attorney. They can guide you through filing a claim for damages and help protect you in case the other driver or the rental car agency tries to pin all the blame for the wreck on you.

Why Choose Neale & Fhima for Your Orange County Rental Car Accident Lawyer?

Experience Matters and We Deliver Results

Our rental car accident lawyers have helped thousands of clients secure millions of dollars in compensation after car collisions in Orange County. If you are looking for help to protect your legal rights in California, and if you need support through the complex car accident lawsuit process, you can count on the Neale & Fhima legal team.

When you work with us, you’ll have:

  • Timely responses to all your questions and concerns
  • A rental car accident lawyer who represents your interests and yours alone
  • A thorough investigation into the cause of the accident
  • Proper filing of all paperwork and motions necessary for your case
  • Communication with the other party taken care of so you can focus on healing
  • Tough negotiators on your side in mediation
  • Fierce litigation if your case goes to trial.

Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined litigation expertise and have recovered more than $50,000,000 for our clients.

Establishing Liability in a Rental Car Accident

A Rental Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Secure a Settlement to Cover Your Losses

Liability in a rental car accident may become a little more complex than establishing liability in a collision where both drivers own the cars they’re driving. In the latter case, there are only two parties that are usually held liable — either you or the other driver.

When you add a rental car into the equation, however, liability can be more difficult to pinpoint. Rental car companies are obligated to ensure that their fleet is operational and safe to drive; if the company cuts corners with safety or fails to properly maintain their vehicles (rendering them fundamentally unsafe to drive), then the rental car company could also be held accountable for the wreck.

In fact, if your rental car malfunctions while you’re driving it, neither you nor the other driver could be liable — just the car company that permitted an unsafe car to be rented and driven.

Our rental car accident lawyers know that this is a likely scenario, so part of our investigation into the cause of the wreck includes auditing the safety records of the rental car company and the specific vehicle you were issued.

Insurance Coverage in a Rental Car Collision

After a rental car accident, you can be sure that the car company will be looking at you to pay for the vehicle damage. The good news is that even if you did share some of the blame for the accident, there are several insurance policies that can cover your share of the damages. And under California’s pure comparative negligence laws, you’re still entitled to file a suit for damages even if you contributed to the collision.

You may have coverage through:

  • The rental car insurance policy: If you opted for rental car insurance when you rented the car, then this policy could cover liability and personal injuries, loss damage, and replacement of your personal effects.
  • Your own primary auto insurance policy: Check with your insurance agent, as your policy may extend to driving a rental car.
  • Your credit card: Some credit card companies offer limited rental car insurance as one of the benefits for cardholders. Not every card does, though, so contact your company to determine your coverage and its limits.

California insurance law requires all rental car agencies to provide minimum coverage for their fleet vehicles. The minimum amount offered is the first $5,000 in property damage, even for drivers who do not have a primary car insurance policy. This may be helpful in cases where you shared some of the responsibility for the collision.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a rental car collision, you’re probably full of worries and questions. Our rental car accident lawyers in Orange County answer some of our client’s most common questions.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Each situation is different, but generally, the more serious your injuries in a rental car accident, the larger the settlement will be. If you have life-changing injuries or are permanently disabled, your case is worth much more than if you sustained a soft tissue injury.

How Can the Rental Car Company Be Liable for the Wreck?

Suppose the rental car company didn’t have their vehicles repaired properly, such as ensuring the brakes or steering mechanism operated correctly or that the tires were inflated enough. In that case, they could be liable for releasing an unsafe vehicle onto the road. Your rental car accident attorney will investigate the safety policies of the rental car company and look at the maintenance records of the car you were driving.

My Family Member Died in a Crash While Driving a Rental Car. Can I Sue the Other Driver?

Yes, rental car accident lawyers in Orange County can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of your family. If your loved one would have been eligible to file a personal injury suit if they had lived, then we can collect damages for the funeral and burial costs and the medical care they received after the crash. We can also get compensation for your loss of consortium and companionship.

I Might Have Caused the Accident. What Are My Options?

In California, even if you hold part of the blame for the collision, you can still receive a settlement. The judge determines what percent of the fault you had for the accident and then reduces your award by that amount.

How Much Does a Rental Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Each firm is different, and many work on a contingency basis. Neale & Fhima offers a free consultation, and we are happy to discuss legal fees in that initial meeting.

We know these aren’t your only questions about your car collision. That’s why Neale & Fhima offers a free initial consultation about your case.

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How Can an Orange County Rental Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Your Rental Car Accident Lawyer Fights to Get You the Maximum Compensation

After the collision, you’re probably confused, hurting, and worried about the next step. One of the first things you can expect is for the rental car agency’s insurance company and the other driver’s insurance adjuster to contact you. They will ask about the accident and request a statement from you.

You may have to give a statement to the rental car company since you were a customer of theirs and their insurance policy may cover some of your losses, but you are under no obligation to say anything to the other driver’s insurance company. In fact, it’s usually better to have your Orange County rental car accident lawyer communicate with that company.

Your lawyer ensures that your interests are protected, including making sure that the other parties don’t try to blame you for the entire wreck. They make sure your suit is filed correctly and within the statute of limitations, and they take care to value it properly so you get everything you’re entitled to.

Do You Need Help after a Rental Car Collision in Orange County?

At Neale & Fhima, we stand up for victims who have been harmed through another party’s reckless actions or negligence. We fight to ensure you get the maximum compensation after your collision and are ready to take on even national rental car companies, holding them accountable.

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